5 Resolutions to Making Your Home a Happier Place in 2021

Dec 29, 2020 | Home Decor


It’s that time again. The excitement of the holidays is over. We are taking down our decorations, online shopping with gift cards we received, and looking forward to all that a new year may bring. For many of us these next few days will be filled with thoughts of what we want to change, try, or be more intentional about in the new year.

For those still searching for the right resolution we have a list of 5 resolutions that will make your home a happier place in 2021.

Makeover the room you are least happy with

We all have that one room in our home that does not really fit with our personality or preferences. Think about what you want from the space, how you need it to function and what mood or energy you want it to reflect. Then, get to work! Paint, rearrange furniture, add some indoor plants, buy new bedding, or throw pillows. Do whatever you need to do to make that space one where you feel both comfortable and inspired.


Looking for a resolution that is good for you and the world around you? Recycling is the way to go! Recycling is a small thing that will keep you mindful of others and the world we live in. One small act leads to better choices all around. Before you begin, check out the do’s and don’ts of recycling here:  https://www.epa.gov/recycle/how-do-i-recycle-common-recyclables

Complete one large project in your home

Have a project you really want done but have been putting off? Commit to getting it done in the new year. New flooring, painting all your kitchen cabinets, landscaping around your home. Any large task that has seemed too daunting (or expensive) to do in the past. Commit to getting it done in 2021. This may mean putting back money each week until you have the money saved for supplies or services. Or it could mean carving out the time to work on it. Whatever the case, take the steps to accomplish the task that you’ve been longing to get done.

Declutter your entire home

The thought of decluttering your entire home can be really overwhelming. But giving yourself a year to do so can be extremely manageable and stress-free with a little bit of planning. Think through how much you can do in a week. Then translate that into how much you can do in a month. Taking on just one room in your house each month (or even a section of a room for large areas like the garage) will make a huge impact by the time you get to the end of 2021. Looking for a few more tips to help you get clutter-free in 2021, check out our 5 Easy Decluttering Habits you can start today.

Create a space where your family can come together

Having a space where your family can come and connect with each other at the end of each day is so refreshing. When thinking through what this space should look like, focus on the personalities of each of your family members. Have a kid that loves to draw? Put a table in the space and stock it with plenty of paper and colored pencils. Have littles who love to play pretend? Keep a few large boxes and some dress up clothes in the room that are just for your family time. Have a spouse who is in front of a computer all day and needs to unwind without screens? Take the TV out and put a nice aquarium in its place. The idea is to make a space in your home that your family wants to be in while being together.

Ready to make 2021 the year you buy a new home? We can help with that resolution! Contact us today.