A Holistic Approach to Supporting our Culture at EPM

Dec 20, 2021 | Blog, Mortgage


It’s not our skill and innovation, but our culture, mission, and vision at EPM that drives our growth and success. The way to bring our team into the fold and encourage them to buy into those values every day is to light the path. That also means if we have to team members who are burned out, tuned out, or indifferent towards our people-focused mission, that responsibility lands directly on our leadership.

We can have the most talented minds on our team, but if they aren’t supported through strong culture, it’s a waste of resources. Recognizing the opportunity to support and empower those in our organization from a holistic and interconnected way, EPM continues to evolve our approach to help foster the wellbeing and development of our employees.

Support from the Inside Out

Professional development starts with personal development. You can’t be the best at your job unless you are coming from a place of mental and emotional wellness, confidence, and strength. There are a lot of people counting on us. So it’s on the leadership to promote opportunities to empower our teams so they can empower our communities.

Investing in our teams and driving initiatives like EPM+, Empower Hour Fridays, and integrating consistent opportunities for our employees to adapt, grow and succeed in a sustainable way while recognizing their efforts to adapt, evolve, and achieve has been a priority. Our leadership has seen how these efforts increase employee satisfaction and promote success inside and outside of our organization and industry.

Change doesn’t happen all at once. It happens in bits and pieces. But we start by being inclusive and leading others on the path we are forging in our industry and encourage all team members to understand and embrace that EPM is bigger than mortgages, we are in the People Development Business.

We strive to provide an environment for our teams to build our culture so we can constantly work on ourselves to be better than we were yesterday, recognize that every voice matters, deliver results to improve our communities,  and pay it forward and leave it better for the next group.

Industry Pioneering Efforts in Developing our People and Culture

This year we made a dynamic change to the structure of our human resources approach by dividing it into two key growth and support entities. This includes the People Operations and Culture department that enhances the way we empower and serve our people both inside and outside of the organization.  Putting people above business has been a long-held value of EPM, and with the transition into this model,  and bringing in the experience of Executive Vice President of People Operations and Culture, Darla Devlin as the leading support, we can put our money where our mouth is and really focus on initiatives to support others.

In partnership with Julian Sado as our Executive Vice President of Leadership and Development. We have the ability to elevate and empower others in a way that hasn’t been done before in this industry. Identifying existing  leaders and developing leaders across our organization, our teams will have access to formal and informal growth opportunities to

In everything that we do, we keep the people at the forefront of our minds. Without a dynamic culture centered on our people, we cannot serve our mission to empower people more.