Avoid Obstructing Your Own Success

Aug 9, 2021 | Blog


There are many ways to achieve success in life. We live in a country where we have the freedom to explore that and try to grasp it for ourselves and create a legacy for our kids.

Unfortunately, during the pursuit of success, there are also things that many of us are naturally inclined to do that prevent us from consistently leading a successful life. I am going to share 3 of them.

The following three categories are absolute killers of maintained success. Honestly, most of us are guilty of them at one point or another. We have to make a conscious effort to recognize how they keep us from our goals and be mindful of them when they pop up in our lives so we can make adjustments.

#1 Being Focused on Perfection

Last week I used a baseball analogy to talk about when you bat .350 in life, You’ve LIVED a great life! You’ve had a form of success, even though if you look at it from a numbers perspective, you failed.

Success and Failure are not on opposite sides of the spectrum. They’re partners. You need Failure to experience and enjoy success. You also need it to maintain success. Failures guide us, teach us, and lend themselves to help us appreciate success once we reach our goal.

If you focus on perfection, you are neglecting the important things that help you improve. There is no improvement without Failure, and that brings me to my next success killer:

#2 Being Focused on the Moment

This is not to say you shouldn’t live in the moment. But each moment needs to lead to the next. Many people don’t let progress happen; they try to hold on to where they are right now because it’s comfortable.

I always liked the saying; if you’re not growing, you’re dying. You have to fail to grow, and you also can’t keep growing if you stop failing. So not moving forward for fear of Failure or enjoyment of the feeling of success makes the actual achievement much more fleeting.

You simply cannot enjoy life and success by standing still. Eventually, the moment is gone, and you have been left behind. Enjoy the moment, understand that it’s fleeting, and plan a journey ahead for the next series of moments that can bring you more of that enjoyment and success.

#3 Being Focused on Yourself

The Summer Olympics are going on right now — and while many athletes are focused on being the best, on winning, on taking home the glory of the Gold— not one of them is doing it for themselves.

Obviously, there are team sports that are all about group success. Still, even in solo sports, the focus is on representing your country, doing your best for others, and even looking at your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses in relation to your own.

Going in and competing against yourself is certainly something athletes are trained to do, which lends itself to success in our everyday lives. But whether you’re an olympian, an entrepreneur, or any other kind of leader, you’re looking at lifting yourself AND others, empowering communities either directly or indirectly, setting an example for those who come after you, and bringing others with you on your journey to the top.

There are many definitions of success and different paths to get there. But you simply cannot be successful without screwing up and learning from it, you can’t be successful by standing still, and you can’t be successful without lifting others.