Building A Culture of Empowerment Starts with This

Feb 13, 2023 | Blog, Mortgage


The phrase Empower People More is the bedrock of our culture. But they are just hollow words unless we put strategy and intention behind them. The goal is to empower our consumers, and our approach has to include support and opportunities for every team member and partner who encounters that consumer. We must align our perspectives and expertise, and work every day to strengthen our ability to help make others’ dreams come true.

Launch and Train Support for the Consumer

We’re seeing benefits and increases from our recent rollouts and improvements, which all return to the consumer’s benefit. Our structured teams are committed to shortening cycle time across the year, and it’s trending downwards and serving the consumer better.

We’re continuously launching and improving our tech to support clients while also working to clean up operations and integrations. And we’re consistently monitoring incoming data and addressing it based on how it provides opportunities for all.

Where we can find savings in fees, time, or expended energy for the consumer, we will continue to refine our practices, and ensure that our organization is ready to serve and empower them to the best of our ability.

Embrace Transparency and Candor

Our culture is about creating relationships and asking for feedback to support business relationships and opportunities. That starts with a bottom-up philosophy, where the leadership has committed to communicating with clarity and transparency to foster the trust and dedication required to perform our responsibilities to the community and each other successfully.

The leadership can promise transparency from our end, and we expect our teams to recognize the opportunity for candid conversations and honest communication on their end. That can only be successful with a culture of mutual respect and an organization willing to embrace conflict and move toward a common goal.

We are careful about who we hire and keep in our organization for the long term. We bring the people who are well-matched to our culture to create a better business. And that takes an understanding that every day we are dedicated to

compliance from a legal and regulatory standpoint, communication culture designed around building rapport and candid conversations that help generate perspective and restore harmony

Support Opportunities For Growth

EPM is continuing to grow, focused on training to sharpen the skillset of our people and provide opportunities in our organization and industry.

Our ever-changing market and industry leads to constantly adjusting and realigning our organization with our culture. So we must provide opportunities and support camaraderie and morale among our valued teams.

There are many opportunities ahead in 2023. EPM is even expecting some relief- but it’s never guaranteed, so we need to focus on our opportunities to thrive.That means our opportunities to learn from each other, address our mindset, shift our awareness and perspective, and embrace opportunities for growth while getting comfortable with change, struggle, and discomfort.

We believe that supporting our people empowers homeowners. We’re dedicated to generating the payoff for our teams- We all get out what we put in. We attract those who are willing and able to overdeliver. Those that go the extra mile will receive the benefit and opportunity first, passing that security on to empower the consumer, their partnerships, and our industry.