Building our Communities with Lives, Not Loans

Dec 6, 2021 | Blog, Mortgage


The mortgage industry has put our organization in a position to continue to grow and empower people more. But our success will never be only about closing more loans for EPM. Our focus will never be about bringing in more revenue. It will always be about creating opportunities to build success for others in our organization, communities, and nation. By giving back, by investing in building up others, and by prioritizing what really helps people thrive and be well, we increase our success tenfold because we are making our communities stronger.

In everything that we do, we keep the people at the forefront of our minds. Without a dynamic culture centered on our people, we cannot serve our mission to empower people more.

Empowering People More With Meaning

When we give back to our communities at home, we are building them better for the future. When we’re in a position to give back, it’s imperative to find the causes and organizations that mean something to us.

In a world where everybody seems to be vulnerable to cancel culture,  doing good is often more for optics than for sincerity. Don’t let others control your honesty and integrity. Giving back can’t be just about making a social commentary,  doing what our stakeholders expect from us, and especially shouldn’t have anything to do with fear of being canceled.

EPM has a long standing lives not loans initiative that gives back to the organizations that grow and strengthen our communities because that is what our own culture and mission is all about.

How we Choose Kindness and Put Lives Above Loans:

Since 2020, we have been running the Choose Kindness campaign that donates a portion of every loan closed to Leashes of Valor, which provides service dogs to veterans with PTSD and TBI; Stephens Strong Campaign, where we donate to fund research for breast, prostate, and colon cancers; and Open Doors Foundation, providing mortgage and rent relief for families with sick children. This campaign was meant to be a start, not our ultimate goal. This year, we have continued our outreach.

This summer, EPM President, Phil Mancuso headed up our participation in providing funding to the University of South Carolina Aiken’s Strength & Conditioning Center Campaign. It’s about strengthening our communities, and USC Aiken pumps over $281 million into the local economy each year and has an alumni base of over 20,000. It’s also the school his son attends and where he personally saw a need.

When it comes from a place of genuine giving, philanthropy builds hope, and hope is contagious!  My favorite example of this is during our EPM Broker Success Summit in early 2021. In the spirit of fun, I asked what it would take the proudly bearded Christopher Griffith to shave it off. He replied $100,000 to Sox Place, a homeless youth drop-in center, providing food, clothing, and meaningful relationships to Denver’s street youth.  It was DONE in a split second and the energy lit up the room and turned into a viral donation pool with those in the room and online. Roughly $200,000 was raised that day, and it’s such a testament to the work that the people of EPM and our collaborators do to give back in a meaningful way.

Living our mission

The people here at EPM show amazing character. They embody the spirit of fun, charitability, and service to others.  Whatever we put out there always comes back to us, making us stronger, more positive, more unified, and a better organization.

Our ultimate goal is to empower others to achieve their piece of the American Dream. Homeownership builds freedom, peace of mind, empowerment, and autonomy. And every organization we support does the same. We are proud of the way we stand out and structure our mission, and 2022 is sure to be full of new ways to support prioritizing lives over loans.