Buying a Home

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Home Purchase Financing

Regardless, if you are a first-time buyer or an experienced homeowner, purchasing a new home can seem stressful and very time-consuming. We make it our job to make this process easy and less stressful. We help you determine which home loan program is going to suit all of your needs.

You might be eligible for a VA loan, FHA loan, First-Time Home Buyer programs, or many other loan products. When making such a large investment, having options of interest rates, various monthly payments, and different term options gives you peace of mind, that you made an informed decision. This way you will feel confident and empowered about your future.

At EPM, we take into account all of your needs to help empower you to choose an afforable home loan financing program that fits your budget.

Home Purchase Financing
What Type of Loan Should I Get

What type of loan should I get?

At EPM, we consider all of your needs, finances, and history to help you choose a home loan financing package.

We make it our priority to provide you with various options to explore. Our experience and expertise in the industry qualify us to guide you in finding a home loan financing that fits your needs.

How much can I borrow?

Before starting your search for a home, it is strongly recommended to talk with one of our Mortgage Players. Our team will calculate and help you find a mortgage product for your needs.

Do you need to stay below a certain monthly payment? Do you have money saved up for a downpayment? Do you want to see how your credit score affects your interest rate?

You can also use one of our payment calculators using what you expect your terms to be to get a “ballpark” figure for which you may qualify. 

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Simple Mortgage Calculator



Monthly Mortgage Payment