Consumer Benefits

Let us help you strengthen your mortgage situation

The mission of EPM is to provide a “unique road map” for clients that will strengthen their mortgage situation and empower them to achieve a great monthly payment, rates and fees. We have great turnaround times in qualifying a loan and can provide a full array of lending resources when making Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Reverse Mortgages and USDA loans.

We achieve these goals through our one-on-one mortgage services to clients and branches that consider the changing needs of the industry. EPM must present a professional image to the Mortgage Bankers Association and the public at large. To accomplish this goal we prepare clients to become financially self-sustaining by using working models that are sound when considering lending practices.

Finally, EPM offers family-oriented customer service that is user-friendly and informative to help our clients choose a product to fit their needs.

EPM is a direct lender and we are powered by the quality of both our people and our technology. There are many things that make EPM better for you as you look for a loan and we want you to find the answers to your questions. If you have a question we do not address, please ask us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is EPM different?

EPM is a direct lender with offices around the country that are dedicated to bringing you access to the most diverse array of home lending products available in the industry. Unlike many lenders, EPM is not limited to working with only one type of borrower which means that people of all financial and credit profiles receive the same impressive cost-saving benefits. At EPM our mortgage professionals are here to help you buy a home or earn more financial freedom by using the equity that you’ve built.

What is a direct lender?

A direct lender works directly with the consumer to originate process, approve, and fund a mortgage loan. Direct lenders can simplify the mortgage process. Unlike traditional or on-line mortgage brokers who act as middlemen, simply taking your application and then passing you off to a lender, EPM controls the entire process. Because there are no additional layers, direct lenders can often offer consumers better interest rates, better customer service, and more accurate information, meaning you receive real-time rate quotes that are based on your individual information and the personalized service to help you understand what offer is most competitive.

Can EPM help me?

Absolutely. EPM assists our clients using a diverse group of mortgage products that cover a wide spectrum of financial and credit situations. What’s more, our generous satisfaction guarantees apply to every borrower, not just the prime credit consumer. Also consider this, there is no cost or obligation to apply for a loan or get a custom loan search.

What is the Personal Loan Center?

Once you complete a custom loan search our Personal Loan Center allows us to create a user name and password. We then save your search results in an on-line resource center. You can access your personalized loan center information as often as you like- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -once you have decided EPM will help accomplish your objectives.

How does the EPM mortgage process work?

EPM can process your loan quickly and efficiently without requiring you to ever make an office visit. The entire process can be completed in the comfort of your home or office through e-mail and phone communication. Whether you apply on-line or over the phone, a licensed mortgage loan originator will serve as your loan specialist and will guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. Along the way you can check the status of your home loan application by calling your loan specialist or logging onto EPM Personal Loan Center, available on our website. We believe that you deserve to know what’s happening with your money and we’ve built our customer service around keeping you informed.