Creative Requests
Creative Requests

Project Brief- Graphic Design

(Give a title that is short, accurate, and will help you identify the project)
(What do you want to be done?)
(Is there anything specific you do NOT want in this design?)
(The target audience will help the design team to make this more relevant)
(List the sizes you would like us to use for this project)
(No instructions should be in this field. If you would like for us to use "Lorem Ipsum" or dummy text, please let us know)
(Examples might include other work you like, what competitors have done, or past work)
Maximum upload size: 5MB
(The files can be for branding, content, graphics or anything else relevant to the project)
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Project Brief- Landing Page

To do this, make a list of the terms that are relevant to your page, and try to figure out what combinations of those terms someone might type into Google with the intent of finding what you have to offer.
Please explain the intention and goal of this landing page. Who is it for? What will it help accomplish? Who is the target audience?
Landing Page copy must be provided for all requests. For example, if you are creating an event or series of events, please provide the description, day of the week or dates, the time(s), the location (physical or online meeting), and all other details that need to be on the landing page.
Please add any additional fields needed. If it is a multiple-choice or selection or drop-down, please provide the values to be listed.
Please separate with a comma.
Please provide the exact copy of the email. This should include any links to Zoom meetings, attachments needed to be attached, etc.
By default, it comes from "[email protected]" If this email to the person filling out the form needs to come from another email address, please provide this now.
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Please add headshots, images, an/or any other files we may need.

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