Culture in Action with the EPM Core 4

Dec 20, 2021 | Blog, Mortgage


The strength of EPM’s culture is its ability to evolve as we grow.  A couple of years ago, when we were building a more focused commitment to our culture, we worked together as architects the EPM Way. It started with 23 fundamentals that we addressed daily to help inform the way we live, operate, and structure our lives within the organization.

The objective was to guide action, but as we leaned into them as an organization, we realized we could simplify our approach. Getting our team to remember 23 fundamental ideas every day was overwhelming and not sustainable nor conducive to encouraging success and buy-in.  So we came together to look at how we could streamline our approach to a strong culture that supported and sustained our values in a practical way and came up with the EPM Core 4.

What are the Core 4

The Core 4 are actionable behaviors that we built from those 23 fundamentals. There was nothing new about the overall concept. They’re based on the original 23 ideas that represented the EPM Way. But the Core 4: Show the Way, Unify Through Collaboration, Struggle Well, and Own Unique highlights our personal growth and emotional intelligence and makes our guidelines to success feel more focused, streamlined, and attainable.

With the Core 4, we are able to set goals and address areas for growth with ease, and they are continuing to evolve as we grow and evolve as an organization.

Show the Way

With our 4 Core, we can determine how to continue with honor, lead by example, and have excellence in what we do every day. Our EPM Culture Team works to provide opportunities for our employee leadership to mentor and connect with the people they guide every day. We have industry and personal growth thought leaders connect with our teams virtually to share insights and empower our teams with our Friday Empower Hour Live series. Great leaders have a responsibility to light the path for others and bring out and support the leadership qualities in each member they serve.

Unify through Collaboration

Collaboration is about coming together as a team, and as an industry, to push our mission vision and goals forward together. Collaboration is the basis of healthy growth as a unified organization with the same vision and goals.  It happens when we commit to sharing the best information, focus on the team first, choose positivity, listen generously, and keep things fun. We have a number of EPM initiatives to generate and support a team culture that builds each other up and recognizes and enhances the best in our people.

Struggle Well

EPM and our industry is constantly evolving. Change can be complicated even when it’s a good change. Through struggling well, we bring value to others with our actions. We embrace the opportunities that come with evolution, so we aren’t doing the same things the same way, and so we are finding new ways to address problems and opportunities as they come. The fundamentals that remind us how to struggle well come with candor and stepping out of our comfort zones, and it’s on the leadership to provide support through that struggle so we can embrace success together.

Own Unique

Own Unique is all about innovation. We excel at pushing boundaries, coloring outside the lines, and thinking outside the box. We’ve set ourselves apart from others in our industry and will continue to do so by embracing opportunities to stand apart. We have celebrity influencers and technology innovations that change the way we do business and set us apart in the industry.

When we can contribute to the success of our team members within our organization, we are contributing to the success of our communities, our economy, and our future. Our 4 Core is just another important approach to helping Empower People More, and it starts within.