DIY Backyard Fun For Kids ( And Parents Too!)

Jul 24, 2019 | DIY Projects


When you own your own home you can do all kinds of fun things with your backyard. This means instead of spending money taking the kids to various activities you can create your own backyard fun. With a little bit of imagination your backyard can be a fun family spot that the kids won’t want to leave.

The Splash Zone

One way to keep cool this summer is to create your own mini water park. If you have tiny ones a kiddie pool is a must but there are so many affordable options these days for family size pools as well. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Set up a sprinkler and let the kids loose. Preschoolers love using an umbrella in a sprinkler. A toddler slide with the end placed in the pool is great fun for the little ones.

Camp In The Yard

Create a campsite in the backyard by setting up pup tents. Bring out the flashlights, jars for lighting bugs and don’t forget the S’mores fixings. Cook dinner on the fire pit. For all day camping fun create a hula hoop tent. It’s super easy and you can hang it from a tree. Get the directions here.

Just A-Swingin’

What would backyard fun be without a swing? Of course, you can go the route of a swing set but an old fashion tire swing does the trick too. All you need is a tire, some rope, and a tree. Another fun swing idea is a large, sturdy piece of plywood cut into a square. Add rope or chains to the four corners with the necessary hardware and suspend from a tree branch or under a porch. Add some soft cushions and it’s a wonderful place to spend the afternoon.

Creative Fun

Get the kids outside and creative with backyard fun that lets them use their imagination. Backyard chalkboards are perfect for this. You can make one by using plywood and chalkboard paint. Then hand it where you want. Check out how these folks did it here. If you have a wooden picket fence you can paint several slats with chalkboard paint too. Any blacktop area makes a great chalkboard. Design big wooden blocks from 2x4s. Cut them in different sizes and paint fun designs on them and let the building fun begin. Fairy gardens are wonderful ways to spur on creativity and the ideas are endless.

Backyard Games

A scavenger hunt is always fun. Simply hide things around the yard, put together a list, and set the kids loose. Another option is for one clue to lead to the next with something fun, like a pinata, waiting at the end. Obstacle courses are great fun. You can use things lying around the garage to create an amazing course. Tires, boards for balance beams, pool noodles taped together to form circles and hula hoops hung to jump through are all great ideas. Make your own outdoor Twister game by spray painting circles on the grass. Spray paint, styrofoam cups, and other simple items can be used to create a miniature golf course. Pull out old favorites such as croquet, bocce, and horseshoes. Many kids today have never played these games so it will be a new adventure.

Family Time – What It’s All About

The entire family can have lots of fun and all right in the backyard. One of the keys to success is getting everyone involved. Why not have a family planning night where everyone shares ideas and you decide what you want to build or create? You might just be surprised at some of the awesome ideas your family comes up with. It’s all about spending time with the family and making the most of your summer and your backyard.

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