DIY – Build Your Own Autumn Garland

Sep 8, 2020 | Home Decor


A lot of craft stores begin to put Christmas items on shelves starting in the summer before school has even started. But if you don’t want to skip over fall, we have an easy DIY Autumn garland that can be done on a Dollar Tree budget with the whole family.

There are a lot of different items you can use for this craft, but the easiest and most secure would be using twine, hot glue, and polyester leaves.

Normally around back to school time, the pack of polyester leaves makes their way into craft and dollar stores. Grab a few packs of those along with any other decorations you feel would also compliment the leaves, for instance, artificial gerbera daisies or decorative ribbon.

Polyester Maple Leaves

Metallic Autumn Ribbons



Before you get started, measure the area where you will hang the garland. Once you have that measurement, roll the twine out to that length. You will then want to roll out at least twelve inches extra, in order to leave six inches on both sides of the twine to secure the garland to its location once it’s complete.

Lay your assortment of maple leaves out. Measure six inches from one end of the string. Put hot glue on the back of the leaf and secure it to the point you measured. Continue to hot glue maple leaves onto the twine – some pointed up, down, and others pointing to the side to give the garland a more natural look.

Press gently once you have placed the leaf onto the twine, but be careful not to burn your hand on the hot glue, as the polyester is not always thick enough to prevent burns. Continue gluing leaves onto the twine until you reach six inches to the end. Leave the six inches to tie a loop or secure later.

Once you have completed one side of the twine, flip the garland over and begin to hot glue leaves on the exposed side of the twine. Continue to place the leaves at different angles and press carefully.

After you have glued leaves onto both sides of the twine, feel free to be creative with the additional supplies you bought to spruce the garland up. Tie the decorative ribbon into bows and hot glue them onto the maple leaves. You can also cut the gerbera daisies stems and hot glue the bulbs onto the leaves and/or bows.

If you love autumn and crafting go all out!

But if simple and clean is more your look, then less is more and stick with the maple leaves and maybe a gerbera daisy every six to seven inches, depending on the length of your garland. Lastly, once the hot glue has dried, secure your garland over your entertainment center, on a table topor mantle, or wrapped around your staircase to welcome the new season into your home.

Want additional ideas on a DIY garland?  Well, we aim to please!

You can purchase wooden letters online and hot glue them onto the twine to spell out a name or greeting, even an ABC garland for a playroom.

You could substitute paper leaves for your children to color instead of polyester leaves.  To make it, even more, kid-friendly, your children could secure them with small clothespins to prevent hot glue burns.


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