DIY – Reupholster Old Chairs

Sep 1, 2020 | Home Decor


You can transform the look of an entire room simply by recovering an old chair. In this project, homeowners can update a set of boring, dated dining room chairs to achieve a more cohesive look in their space. No thread and needle needed here – this no-sew project is easy and provides instant gratification!

Materials needed:

-Old chair in need of an update

-Upholstery fabric (amount depends on chair, usually 1 yard for a typical seat cushion)

-Cushion foam (not necessary if the original is in good shape)

-Needle-nose pliers (for removing staples)

-Fabric scissors/ box cutter (for cutting fabric and foam)

-Staple gun (compatible with 8mm staples)

-Staples (8 mm, so they will make it through the fabric and into the wood frame)


Take a look at the chair you want to liven up. Is it worth recovering? Is the wood in good shape (no cracks)? Make sure the chair has a built-in seat to keep a sewing machine out of the mix. If the wood is in need of a polish, Howard Feed-N-wax will condition it while adding protection and shine and a yummy orange-y smell. Alternatively, try a fun paint if you are tired of the natural wood look and want to change things up!


Choosing a fabric is the best part and the hardest for those of you who have trouble making decisions! The cushion and seat back can be covered in the same fabric, or different ones depending on your preference. In this project, the homeowner used the same fabric on the seat and seat back, but if you want a funkier look, you can combine a colorful print and a subdued solid. Just think about your space and personal style. Try a contrasting color scheme or a loud print to make this chair a true statement piece.


You can take off the old fabric to create a template for the new fabric. Then, cut the new fabric according to size. Pull fabric taut and start stapling away! The underside can be as neat as you want- you can fold it under to make clean lines, or leave raw edges and staples exposed. You can trim away any excess fabric if you choose. Who looks at the bottom of a chair anyways? And,Ta-Da! Your chairs (and room) have transformed!

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