Easter DIY Craft: No Sew Sock Bunny

Apr 8, 2020 | DIY Projects


With Easter coming up and the kids at home, you can make this fun and easy decoration together to celebrate the holiday.

Make this No Sew Sock Bunny in minutes with items you already have at home!


  • Unmatched socks- The fluffier, the better!
  • Rice – 1 cup per bunny
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Band/Twine
  • Marker

Optional- Felt, Googly Eyes, Ribbon, Hot-Glue Gun/Fabric Glue, Pipe Cleaners, Decorative Elements( these are not necessary, but fun extras if you happen to have them.)


1- Place your sock in a wide cup and stretch the edges over the rim so you can easily pour the rice inside.

2- Pour the rice into the cup with enough sock left around the ridge to lift the sock out of the cup and tie it with a rubber band or twine. The space above the rubber band will become the ears later.

3- Make the head and body shape by tying another rubber band between the head and the body- You can also make a little bunny tail by placing a third rubber band at the back of the bunny and tying off another little circle.

4- Cut a slit down the middle from the top of  the sock, to just before the first rubber band. Use your marker to draw bunny ears (they can either be floppy or cut shorter to stand upright). Cut the ears to the shape you designed.

5- For the last step, you can keep it this simple, or get as fancy and cute as you want. The simple face is just two small dots for eyes and an x for the nose.

You and your kids may decide to add ribbon, googly eyes, felt, or any other decorative elements you have at home. It is sure to be cute whether kept simple or enhanced with fun details.

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