Empowering People More by Strengthening Our Mental Fitness

Jan 9, 2023 | Blog, Mortgage


Empowering people more is the designation EPM uses to inform the approach we take and the characterization behind who EPM is and what EPM does on a daily basis. We are in the people business, not the mortgage business. Homebuyers are just the segment of the population we focus on. We are involved in mortgages because it’s a vehicle that strengthens the health of our communities when we empower them economically. So it could be said that we’re in the health business.

We want to promote healthy communities, healthy families, and generational stability that will empower our country for years to come. That’s no small feat. But we get there by focusing on initiatives that promote our individual health and stability as well. In an industry that can be stressful and temperamental, the people within the industry who are serving our communities must be able to prioritize their health as well.

Mental health, mental wellness, mindfulness, etc., are having a moment in our culture right now, but the truth is, education and mastery of mental fitness and things of that nature have been around forever. People prioritize their mental fitness in many ways. I approach it in my own life with three main areas of focus that we can address every day to improve our well-being, our relationships, and our ability to lead others without anxiety and stress causing us to burnout.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Fitness

I personally subscribe to a philosophy of mental fitness broken up into 3 areas: mental health, mental wellness, and mental strengthening. I consider mental health to be where we’re working on the health of our body and mind through water intake, proper diet, sleep and exercise, and mindfulness. These are all wrapped up in the daily choices we all make- and can struggle through- to help build the discipline that will build up our mental health.

Mental wellness involves leaning on and learning from the people who play a crucial role in your well-being- These can be doctors, mentors, advisories, trainers, etc. It’s all about building communication and a plan to prioritize our well-being in a way that aligns with who we are and our personal goals.

The third area is mental strengthening. EPM is all about empowering our team members to own unique. We are committed to helping each person work on themselves through one-on-one time reading books, listening to podcasts, time spent reflecting, journaling, celebrating, and checking in with ourselves.

The Benefits of an Organizational Mental Fitness Philosophy

Mental fitness is like physical fitness. You can’t just do cardio, strength training, or diet alone. You must bring them together to improve comprehensively; one target area is just as crucial to our health as the next. Health is wealth and translates to your business, strength, relationships, resilience, and ability to lead and uplift others. By providing opportunities and support from within, our organization is strengthening its foundation by investing in its people to provide opportunities and support for our consumers.