EPM State of the Union | Where We’re Headed in 2022 and Beyond

Jan 10, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


It’s so important to promote transparency and candor within our organization. We have committed to that by having some form of a State of the Union reflection to share where we have been and where we see ourselves going. As with everything else, we started with getting information out, and used to send out an email. 2 years ago, I did a video and wanted to promote a conversation and grow that concept of unification and collaboration within the company. And this year, I did a live zoom and integrated other members of our executive leadership that could bring valuable information and help us meet that priority to unify through collaboration.

We set it up as a Town Hall with opportunities for interaction, questions, and building and clarifying ideas that will bring us into 2022 and beyond.

Growing in 2022

In 2022 the industry is likely to see a drop in volume, but we predict our organization will grow—growth, not just in volume, but in leadership, culture, and supporting our clients.

We aren’t a perfect organization. There is always room to make adjustments, but we will continuously lookout for the best interest of the organization and the people who make it up. That’s why we keep building and adjusting our strategic plans on a regular basis around the anonymous survey that goes out quarterly. We are about empowering people more and supporting new ideas and change within our organization to keep us aligned with our mission.

In 2022 some of the big things EPM is embracing are:

  • Looking for areas for improvement through radical transparency and feedback.
  • Anticipating and supporting sustainable growth through agility and the ability to evolve and grow with the changes
  • Looking to streamline processes to make the consumer experience better.
  • Building in technology and product enhancements and streamlined automation
  • Exploring the transition to hybrid work and evolving in economical and structured ways to support our organization
  • Not only bringing people together but going out to other locations and becoming accessible to others.
  • Devoting a lot to our learning and development space, so it builds satisfaction with the workplace and in our lives.

1 Team, 1 Dream- It’s All About the Borrower.

We swing for the fences every day and hope for that 350 batting average. Knowing we will make mistakes and respond with adjustments and refinements along the way helps us take ownership over how we improve as a team.

Empowering people to be better leaders is imperative to our mission. If our lives are better, the consumers have it better. We take care of them and put them in a great position.

2021 was an Instrumental year. I’m proud of our collaboration, our candor, the way we bring people to the table, and the amount of engagement and buy-in we have to support building a sustainable culture and organization. In 2022 We look forward to developing our teams on a personal level to increase their satisfaction with their daily lives and increase their ability to support our communities.