Benefits for employees, partners, & You

EPM+ is a communication initiative designed to cohesively bring all aspects of EPM together as a whole and create a culture that empowers our employees and industry partners every day.

From EPM+ Fit workouts led by a personal trainer to EPM+ Play Happy Hours, our goal through this initiative is to create a culture that promotes physical, mental, and personal well-being at work and beyond.

EPM+ not only shows that we care about loans, but we care about lives.


Additional Employee Benefits

Wellness Coach

An additional benefit for our employees is a full-time Wellness Coach to confidentially discuss life with and make action plans to improve overall health and wellness. Click here to contact EPM’s Wellness Coach.

Ready. Set. Go365®.

Go365® is a rewards program to encourage employees to live an active lifestyle, eat healthily, and get fit. All of this with the ease of using an app to track and manage. Want more information? Click here for more information or employee’s can sign up here.


Empowering your fitness

EPM+Fit is our initiative to create a culture that promotes physical well-being at work and beyond. The EPM + Fit program offers a way for employees and industry partners to improve their physical fitness and overall health.

The classes provide varying levels of intensity and cover many different fitness goals, and they’re all led by qualified fitness instructors and body trainers. Because this is all conducted remotely over Zoom, it’s easy for you to find a class that meets your needs and schedule.


Setting the stage for success

EPM+Connect provides training for employees and industry partners. Training crosses over job-specific courses allowing employees to learn things like CPR, leadership training, and fitness training.

For our industry partners, we regularly host events with a focus on training, but also on the community. While EPM events may have a fee to attend, all funds raised from these events are donated directly to non-profit organizations.

Recently, at one of our broker training events, EPM was responsible for inspiring over $250,000 In donations to one organization. These events help us live our motto of #LivesNotLoans.


Connecting Employees to Content

Our content team keeps it fresh by always coming out with new ways for employees, industry partners, and our customers to engage with EPM. From the EPM on the Streets videos to our celebrity endorsers, you will always have new ways to learn, laugh, and grow with EPM.

You may see EPM content from “The Nature Boy,” Ric Flair, PGA player and Master’s winner, Patrick Reed, and “Say Yes to the Dress” star, Monte Durham. These strategic partnerships allow us to reach more people and begin the process of empowering you more.

Original Swag

Custom-Designed Quality Products

Beyond just content you can watch, EPM promotes the business through giveaways of high-quality EPM branded swag. Each item is carefully selected and either given as a gift or giveaways to employees, our brokers, and others.

EPM also helps to promote an atmosphere of thanks and appreciation for each other. We have even implemented this with a tracking system that allows for each bit of encouragement to provide points to the employee that can be used to select Swag or many other great prizes.


Inspiring employees everyday

At the core of EPM are the fundamentals that we believe and promote named “4CORE.” While the organization has 23 fundamentals we promote, creating the 4CORE that is easy for all to keep in mind has begun to make a great impact on growing our business the right way.

All-in-all, every part of EPM+ relates back to how we are seeking to connect employees, industry partners, and our customers to the EPM Culture. While our fundamentals were created for our employees, the principles that can be taken away from them are helpful for all.

Want to learn more? You might just want to look for an opening here at EPM. If you are an industry partner, we would love to connect.