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eSports - Sanguine

EPM will be the Official Housing Sponsor of Sanguine and is helping to empower the players of Sanguine in having an incredible home and equiped practice facility! The sponsorship includes the naming rights as the EPM Team House and having branding throughout, as well as cross-branding on social media, activations, and apparel.

EPM the second, large scale sponsorship from the housing industry, the first being Rocket Mortgage, sponsoring 100 Thieves! We are super excited to have the opportunity for something unique that separates us from the competition.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, we will be doing events throughout the year with meet & greets as well as educating about buying a home and showing that it’s a lot easier than you think!

eSports - Sanguine
EPM eSports - Sanguine

Sanguine is a gaming and lifestyle brand that was established in 2016. Sanguine has since become a diverse organization in the esports space, bringing in the first Latin American team to the SMITE Pro League in 2020. The brand follows the ideals of community, diversity, and individuality. We look to the future in 2021, assisting teams and bolstering the communities that support us. Living by our namesake, we stay positive in whatever situation is thrown our way.

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Eddy Perez

Statement from our Founder and CEO

eSports is a real thing. I’ve seen it on ESPN and now how some of them make over a million dollars…it’s becoming a big deal. A friend of mine, Ginger Bell, reached out to me and said, “Hey, I’ve a group of kids from Central and South America. They are wanting to come to this country and play professional eSports and they need a house sponsor, would you be ok with that?” I responded, “Absolutely!” Then in their first season they had already won their division so they definitely had that hunger that was real important and we went from there.