Establishing a Culture That’s Accessible to the Virtual Workforce

Oct 31, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


From an organizational perspective, the future of our company is bright. There’s positive energy around our industry and organization that we have taken advantage of, and we’ve taken the opportunity to proactively position ourselves to grow.

Our teams are invested in leveling up, and our new members are strategically brought in with valuable new perspectives and strong connections to our culture and vision. Something that we must address when it comes to strengthening our culture is ensuring our evolution includes mindful shifts towards solidifying and supporting our virtual workforce.

When pulling our virtual processes into focus, we ask ourselves, how can we be more productive? And, just as importantly, how can we adjust our strategic plan, so our virtual teams are strong, inclusive, and integrated into the culture?

Moving Forward in an Increasingly Virtual World

In the virtual environment, we have to go the extra mile to stay connected in ways that are no longer a natural part of the day-to-day. We must be innovative in our approach to collaboration within and across teams.

Some of that can be accomplished by virtual integrations and improved tech capacity that already benefits the efficiency and quality of service our organization produces for the community. But a great deal of it comes from investing back into our people with initiatives that help us connect and improve ourselves every day.

Some of these initiatives and measures include:

  • Emotional intelligence course for internal plus partners brokers/ realtors
  • Satisfaction Surveys completion-
  • Wellness talk initiatives each month in 2023  to help get on the right foot for wellness.
  • More regular meetings with leaders instead of annual reviews.
  • Culture events integrated into the virtual space, as well as opportunities to connect and participate in live events

We’re providing the opportunity to participate in People and Culture training to help individuals improve their approach to remote work. We are working to create opportunities and accessibility to tools and strategies to help virtual employees set expectations and boundaries and build healthy rituals, systems for organization,  and an overall healthy and satisfying work environment.

Empower the Workforce and Empower the Community

The best part of being involved in the leadership of an organization is the opportunity to see others grow. Our culture, vision, communication, and transparency help us overcome so much, and it’s vital that all of our team members have increasing opportunities to access the same tools so that everybody has the opportunity to evolve into a better version of themselves than they were yesterday.

Adapting to a virtual world can be difficult for the executive leadership and employees alike. How do we help homeowners while empowering those from within? How do we learn what they need to equip them with the tools for growth and opportunity? Our solution includes reinvesting capital into making the culture and personal and professional goals accessible to all. Our success starts with the individuals, and our executive team’s job is to empower those individuals more every day.