The EPM Executives

Meet the Executives at EPM

The EPM Team is a world-class, global team of experts with diverse backgrounds who share a passion for mortgage to lead EPM. Our team features an integrated range of knowledgeable people who guide us in fulfilling our commitments to our community and those we serve.

EPM - Eddy Perez

Eddy Perez

CEO & President

EPM - Laura Brandao

Laura Brandao

Chief Growth Officer

EPM - Jason Callan

Jason Callan

Chief Production Officer

EPM - Stephen Carpitella

Stephen Carpitella

Chief Retail Officer

EPM - Kevin DeLory

Kevin DeLory

Chief Lending Officer

EPM - Phil Mancuso

Phil Mancuso

Chief Investment Officer

EPM - James Minghini

James Minghini

Chief Compliance Officer

EPM - Mark Moloughney

Mark Moloughney

Chief Technology Officer

EPM - Majed Qminacci

Majed Qminacci

Chief Financial Officer