EPM - Stephen Carpitella

Stephen Carpitella

Vice President of Sales

Stephen is a passionate and proven leader with almost two decades of experience in the mortgage industry. He studied accounting and finance at Rider University and worked in public accounting at a CPA firm before his career change.

Throughout his career, Stephen and his team have helped almost 10,000 families with their financing needs lending an estimated 3 billion in loan volume. If that weren’t enough, Stephen is also one of the top originators in the country. In 2020 alone, he closed 692 units for 224 million in personal production, setting the standard and the bar very high for his fellow teammates and colleagues. His accounting background provides skill and experience to qualify complex tax returns and has created a niche with self-employed client transactions. In his own words, “With a strong background in finance and accounting and the mentality that a relationship is more important than a loan, I always knew I could level the playing field for the consumer in a world where there is a lack of education about managing our finances.