With You from Start to Finish

There is an emotional side to buying a home. You’re investing in a place you’ll make your own, not just through paint and furniture, but the moments you’ll spend there.

On the financial side, it is equally important to find a loan that will serve your interests for years to come.  An experienced Loan Officer and the right preparation can help you control the loan process from start to finish. That confidence comes from understanding what’s ahead.

Let us empower you…

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Equity Prime Mortgage LLC. is a direct lender with offices around the country that are dedicated to bringing you access to the most diverse array of home lending products available in the industry. Unlike many lenders, EPM is not limited to working with only one type of borrower, which means that people of all financial and credit profiles receive the same impressive cost-saving benefits. At EPM our mortgage professionals are here to help you buy a home or earn more financial freedom by using the equity that you’ve built.