Have a Fun Night-In at Home

Jun 10, 2020 | DIY Projects


Sometimes there’s just no place like home. We have some great date-night/family-night-in ideas for  folks who prefer the comfort and conveniences of home over going out. You can do this with your spouses roommates, friends, family and neighbors. Take these ideas and run with them to ensure lots of fun all around.

Have a Movie Screening with Trivia

 – This is a twist on the regular movie night and can last for several days of fun. Each person picks a favorite movie for everybody to watch and then comes up with 5-10  trivia questions about the movie to play after watching. Have fun trying to stump your family and friends, and ensure everybody is super engaged in the movie since there will be a fun pop quiz afterward. This is great for those who love a friendly competition. Make it interesting by coming up with  fun prizes or rewards for the winner of each game. Bonus for creating a fun meal or snack together that is related to the movie.- Check out this link  for inspiring ideas

Indoor Glamping

– Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket fort? You can also just cozy up next to a crackling fire, telling ghost stories or playing fun games. Turn off the lights and only use flashlights, stream some tunes, or take it to the backyard for some star gazing and reminiscing. Even adults can have fun playing pretend from time to time. It’s great to turn off the tech and get back to basics. This is also a great idea for those nights when the power goes out and you’re looking for something fun to do to pass the time.

Enjoy the Endless Possibilities of YouTube

– You can find tons of activities, crafts, and skills to learn together like cooking a fun and unique meal, painting together with an expert, completing another art of craft project, learning new languages, DIY projects for the home… the options are truly endless as long as you are open to challenging yourself and trying something new.

Create Your Own Mini-golf Course

– Love a theme party or a game night? This is a new twist. You can use objects from around the house to make a mini-golf course. Each section can have a theme, or you can blend it in throughout the whole “course”. Have some laughs trying to beat each other and making your section of the course extra fun and complicated ! Check out these links for ideas  for the whole family or for a fun date night.

Put a Fun Spin on a Taste-Test

 – You can do a competitive taste-test as a group and have people compete over who makes the best dish. You can do this with cookies, chili, grilled cheese, or any food that the whole family loves, or maybe even a meal nobody in your house has tried yet. You can also do a blind folded taste test with just two people. Blind-fold the person guessing what the other is feeding them. This has an element of fear, trust, and surprise that creates so much fun and laughter.

Murder Mystery Night

 – This can be a full on party, or there are also options for two. It just takes a quick internet search to find some freebies and printables to play at home, but this one is so popular, there are actually subscription boxes dedicated to honing your great detective skills.

With so many fun and easy options, you may want to make your ‘Night-In’ a regular event at home. Equity Prime Mortgage is here for you and your family in so many ways, if you ever have questions about refinancing or home ownership, click here to find a local Mortgage Loan Originator or give us a call at 877-255-3554.