Homeowner’s Summer Maintenance Checklist

Aug 12, 2021 | Blog, Mortgage


When buying a home, we can be so focused on closing costs and mortgage payments, that we don’t take into consideration the recurring costs that are going to come up. Among those costs like insurance, HOA fees, utilities, and an emergency fund, remember that regular maintenance might cost you a little bit upfront, but will keep the value of your home in tip-top shape over time. 

We’re sharing a Homeowner’s Summer Maintenance Checklist you’ll want to address to cut back on homeowner headaches and make sure your house is among the best on the block when it comes time for resale. These are simple tasks you can do on your own, or hire out; but the more regularly you address them, the better shape your home will be.

August Summer Maintenance Checklist

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors–  This should be done seasonally. It’s also recommended that you change the batteries twice a year. Many people choose to do it when Daylight Savings time Begins and Ends in the Spring and Fall- but as long as you have a routine, it doesn’t matter what season you start.

Wash Exterior of Home – Pressure washing siding, porch, deck, cleaning windows, etc. You may want to hire a company that specializes in softwash on the actual home exteriors to not cause damage to your windows and siding, but a store-bought pressure washer is fine for concrete and pavers.

Look for Signs Destructive Bugs/Pests- When it’s hot outside, all the creepers try to come inside for refuge. Make sure all entry points are sealed and you may consider investing in a pest control company to get a head start on critter abatement.

Inspect Foundation for Issues- Drainage is a common one, but you’re also going to want to look closely for sinking, cracking, or leaning of any foundation, retaining walls, or chimneys.

Clean Garbage Disposal- Your garbage disposal will need some routine maintenance to keep it fresh and functional. There are all kinds of DIY home remedies. Grocery stores also carry cleaners, and some people swear by citrus peels and ice. Make sure whatever you do, you are taking safety precautions by turning off the power and not sticking your hand into any mechanisms. If it’s smelly, it’s time for cleaning but we will add this to the summer To-Do list for prevention’s sake as well.

Remove Lint from Dryer Exhaust-  This is a deep clean into your dryer, not just cleaning the lint traps. Some companies like window and pressure washing companies include this in their services, but dryer lint is flammable and an all-too-common cause of household fires.

Vacuum Refrigerator Coils- Coils push heat out, so you want to keep them dust-free and efficient with a brush and vacuum. This is another task where you need to cut the power to the appliance first before you get to business when you are DIYing it.

Flush Hot Water Heater- You can have a plumber do this for less than $100 or do it yourself at least once a year. It’s relatively simple and takes just a few precautionary steps to get it done safely.

Maintain Yard Growth- Depending on where you live, summer can mean just daily watering and low maintenance, or quick vegetation growth that means you will have to mow, weed whack, water, and prune. Keeping your yard from an overgrowth is the key to fewer maintenance issues in the fall and winter as you’re clearing everything out.

Clean Range Hood  Fan and Filter– This is a messy job, but fairly straightforward. A little degreaser and scrubbing and you’re good to go. There are baking soda and fume-free options available if you’re trying to keep it lung and skin safe.

Whether you are thinking of resale, or simply want to enjoy a safe and functional home for years to come, factor in the seasonal maintenance that comes with it and make it a priority to take care of your investment all year long.