How to Create a Home Office That Works For You

Jul 16, 2020 | DIY Projects


A lot of people are spending a lot more time working from home these days. For some, it’s temporary; for others, it’s the new normal. And then there are the folks who have always worked from home and plan to keep on keeping on. Whatever category you fall into, we have some great recommendations to make your work space work for you.

Maybe you have a great home office space that you just want to upgrade, maybe you’ve just recently realized it’s time to move away from the kitchen table and look into some more functional options.

Start here to find some great ideas for creating a home office that works for you:

What I Need —  Help me organize this chaos

-You might want to start with an L-Shaped desk because you will have the most storage bang for your buck with drawers on both interior sides. You can find one with a hutch for the top to create even more storage. You can slide your garbage can and paper shredder underneath to free up space too.

-Floating shelves are a great space saver and you can create more free space on your desk. These can either be used decoratively with the picture frames  and flair that isn’t functional,  or you can use it as MORE STORAGE. Hanging  File Folders also offer an option for vertical clutter cutting.

Small Rolling Cabinets are great for storing things you don’t always need on hand ( think binders of certifications, data, or other paperwork  that you need to keep, but don’t need on hand, electronics or equipment that you don’t regularly use, training manuals etc… you can roll them into a closet or separate space until you need access to them again. Bonus points if you can fit your print/scanner on top and free up even MORE space.

What I Need — I’m looking to create a tranquil space

Get some plants!! Whether they are real, artificial, or a blend of both, having some greenery will really help with your

Get yourself a great chair- You should probably do this anyway and there are all kinds of inexpensive ergonomic options to float your boat. Having a chair that doesn’t support your body will ensure that you will be needing lots of yoga stretches in that tranquil space you’ve created to keep the aches and pains away.

“Alexa, play meditation music”- Or folk music, or classical, or whatever music gives you the chill vibes you’re looking for. There are even apps that have binaural music for focus. They scientifically blend instruments, beats, and frequencies to help relax your mind and boost concentration and creativity. Isn’t science awesome?

Bring the outdoors in- Find some art or photographs of the ocean, a river, or a lake; a  relaxing forest scape; or a soft watercolor of birds. Nature nurtures relaxation and relieves stress. You can create an escape right in your office.

Desaturate those bright colors– go for greens, greys, and blues if you are trying to be calm and reduce stress. Stick with variations of white if you are going for a distraction-free space.

What I Need – To make this shared space a functional space.

Keep it simple-  Avoid blocking access by getting rid of non essentials. IF you BOTH are going to want your own special stapler, then so be it- we all have our quirks — but try to purge as much as possible to avoid clutter and frustration down the line. This goes for extra furniture too. If you aren’t using it daily, chuck it.

Figure out the optimal workspace stations- Everybody is different. Some people want their separate corners ( L-shaped desks fit great in those 90° angles)- while others want to be face to face or side by side. You may look at dual desks (twins) or even a wall-length desk or table for two. Mind your space restrictions so you’re not blocking access, and really communicate about your work styles and needs so you can find the right fit. You may even realize you only need one desk and a different type of workspace like a couch to make phone calls from, or a treadmill to multitask. Keep an open mind and think about what really suits your needs.

Blend your styles- Find a few pieces of decor that you both find appealing, and pepper in your own personal touches throughout your space. That helps ensure that your office is a joyful space for you both. Agree on a color palette that compliments both vibes, and then spruce your own area up with accessories and art that speaks to you.

Keep it light- Natural light, standing lamps, desk lamps, pendants- whatever combinations of lighting you choose, make sure it compliments the size of your workspace or it will just be more clutter.Hanging lights are appealing for tight spaces, but make sure you are getting enough light in your personal workspace or it will be a literal headache.

There are tons of easy and practical suggestions that can make your home office your happy place. The most important thing is that it works for YOU. Now go make that living space into the perfect working space.

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