How to Establish a Secure and Balanced Home Base to Empower People More

Mar 8, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


Recently we had the honor of Gary Vaynerchuk speaking at our EPMX Conference.

“When we talk about empathy or kindness or patience we consider them soft skills. I truly believe they are the hard skills in business.” ~Gary Vee

With these words, he captures what the transition and evolution of this industry and business, in general, has taken on in recent years. The skills you may have mastered well like finance, hiring, negotiation, logistics, marketing, and technical skills are just part of the pathway to success. But if we don’t prioritize the soft skills that make us better communicators, better leaders, better team members, then those gifts won’t get us to the finish line.

Prioritizing Evolution through Assurance

Something I spoke about when I was on the podium was the fact that positive change starts from a place of security. People in the workplace are looking for social change, they want inclusion, it all starts because we work to provide a home base and foundation for people to be able to operate.

This is a competitive industry, but when we want to make a change, we have to know that we can trust each other and work together. Once we feel safe with where we are, we can feel safe to work toward bigger change.

Promoting Healthy Engagement with Our Leadership

Breaking outdated, long-held workplace and industry habits doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how skilled we are. In this organization, we don’t abundantly encourage soft skills, and then expect our teams not to use them when it comes to communicating with their leadership.

This is why we work at building a foundation of safety. It’s vital to talk to your leadership and let them know how you’re feeling before the issues arising become more complex. Our leadership is doing something wrong if our people hesitate to come to us and work on solutions together.

So it is a continued effort to make sure our people feel secure and valued regardless of their position in the organization.

~Eddy G Perez Jr

Make sure to join me on March 28th, 2022 for a conversation about What it Means to Have Cultural Alignment in the Workplace where I will share:

✅  What is Culture and how is it built in an organization

✅  Once a culture is maintained what are the steps and meetings necessary to create alignment

✅  How vital is communication within a culture?

✅  What does it mean to embrace conflict and why is conflict so necessary to grow

✅  Advice to future leaders on how to wrangle the egos and build through the work