How to make a DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

Dec 11, 2019 | DIY Projects


DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

Total Time: One Hour


  • Green Balloons in a variety of colors or shades
  • Red, Peach and Pink Balloons
  • Balloon Air Pump (Not required, but incredibly helpful. Haha!)
  • 24″ Wire Wreath
  • Zip Ties
  • Balloon Tape
  • Bow Template (Enlarged to 200%)
  • Poster Board or Ribbon
  • Fishing Line


1. Inflate about 40 green balloons. They should be under inflated so that they are round and small, and should be a variety of sizes! Also inflate about a dozen or so pink/red/peach balloons, also under-inflated!
2. Begin zip tying the green balloons to the wire wreath, pushing them together as you go. Fill the entire wreath.
3. Once the wreath is filled, you’re going to go in and add additional green balloons along with red and pink ones as “ornaments” using the balloon tape. Place each balloon where you think you want it BEFORE adding the tape, because it can be hard to move them around once the tape is on. You don’t want them to pop!
4. Move, add and adjust the balloons until you’re happy with it!
5. Make a giant bow using the template (enlarged to 200%) out of poster board for a more modern look and tie a piece of fishing line through the back loop. Then attach it to the top of the wreath! If you just use ribbon to make your bow, you can just tie or tape it right onto the wreath as it won’t be as heavy!
6. Hang and enjoy!

Ballon wreath idea via Studio DIY.