Implementing EPM Culture by Making the Best of Our Human Nature

Apr 4, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


At EPM, we are deeply focused on implementing our culture each and every day. We talk about embracing conflict with solutions in mind- Hey I see some opportunities to help bring people out of neutral- and we go for it. Culture is really a group mentality, having everybody on the same page, with the same goals in mind. To get there successfully, we have to understand the human side of it. It’s never going to be perfect. But it can be really wonderful, and really valuable, and take us further than we ever imagined, even when there are bumps in the road. Sometimes because of it.

Don’t Get Hung up on Mistakes

Have the awareness that we are all human-  people are going to make mistakes and not live our own personal values and goals faultlessly 100% of the time. Leaders learn to live it as much as they can, acknowledge it when things aren’t measuring up, and go in with the intention of not repeating past mistakes, and moving forward with what they’ve learned.

When we are working together, remember we are choosing to be here. So assume the best in others and be patient as the team evolves together. That remains true reflecting inwardly as well. Be patient with yourself. Keep going. Don’t beat yourself up. We have nothing to be ashamed of with our setbacks unless we just keep repeating them over and over. Acknowledge it and move forward.

Learn the Value of Patience

Sometimes when we are grinding an ax with somebody else, it’s because we are upset with ourselves. So be kind to yourself first and that will pave the way for your other relationships to really flourish. Instead of being upset with yourself over mistakes you made along the way, understand why you made them, peel that back- get to the answer and move forward. You won’t make it again and now you have the opportunity to let the positive things in that are waiting for you down the line.

If you want to elevate others, you have to look inward first. And really grow yourself and be kind to yourself. Appreciate where you are, and it will help you understand where others are coming from,  and others will appreciate you as well.

True Leadership Starts and Ends with YOU

Everybody has the potential to lead. Look in the mirror and think about whom you are guiding and if there is nobody on the external side, I challenge you to look in the mirror because no matter if you are leading thousands of people, or just responsible for yourself, it all starts with you. It starts with how you carry yourself, and how you commit to becoming better. It starts with checking your priorities and agendas and making the small shifts every day to be a little bit better.

Take a look at your goals and break down what you are doing every day to accomplish those goals, and what is hindering you from possibly meeting those goals that you have control of. When you point the finger at somebody else, you’re pointing three back at yourself. Take a look at how you can lead yourself to the next level and improve, overcome, and recognize opportunities along the way. Own your shit. Be patient with yourself and others.  Look at those you lead as people you are meant to build a bond and partnership with. That reflects the respect that others will model as well.

A great thing about our organization is that it is always evolving and doing things differently. We have focused on our culture as a tool to keep growing and getting better to change the industry as a whole. Be proud of what we have because you never know when we are inspiring others to jump on board! We have the opportunity to be leaders of this industry and change the landscape of the way we do business together!