Keeping Our Teams Engaged with a Positive Perspective of the Future

Jul 26, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


Engagement is the most important part of growing our culture in the organization.

The industry is in flux, allowing us to have a mental reset. We keep the tone light whenever possible. Yes, there is a place for seriousness and realism, but we have to keep our perspective positive, and we must be able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

A recession is a slowdown; we see it as an opportunity to reset. This is still the 6th greatest year in the industry– so it’s all about perspective.
Evolving our Communication

We always seek ways to empower our teams to reach out with candor. Speak up, and we can take action. We cannot jump on every idea, but we will consider them.

We funnel through the ideas and recognize whether they are in the best interest of the organization or the interest of evolution.

We want to encourage open discussion and entertain requests and ideas. They bring us momentum to evolve consistently, and if those stop, we are treading water.

We will respond and transform these ideas when we can.

We constantly look at the transitioning of roles to better serve our mission. Bringing new people and perspectives to the table and taking existing roles, and stepping them up. When we run an organization, there is always something that can create division. Whether it’s a sincere lack of connection and misunderstanding or whether it is those who point the finger and create infighting, some level of dissatisfaction is going to be part of the journey. We must come back together and shift that focus to leveling each other up and find the opportunities to get past the frustrations and focus on the mission.

Unifying through Collaboration

It is only through collaboration that we add to the company value and focus on service over price. We show the way, starting from leadership up. Staying true to our culture and vision is like walking a tightrope. We are always working on striking a greater balance. And as we grow and move forward, we don’t lose focus; if anything, we double down on our focus and stay attuned to the shifts that may benefit us. Like any relationship- if you don’t work on it, it will fizzle out; we are ALWAYS looking to improve.

Initiatives focused on the four core Tech Culture L&D make it collaborative and have all teams communicating with each other. We focus on creating a return on respect. That means being open to disagreement and taking the time with new ideas and perspectives. Finding a way to be comfortable with the discomfort enables us to come together and embrace conflict respectfully and reasonably to find the solution together.

It Starts with Leadership

The executive team is a handful of players. It’s the candor and grace and critical feedback from the whole that challenges, advises, and empowers us to move forward. We know our challenges. We need to face that conflict head-on. Lead by example and show the way to get 1% better every day. Once you face the challenge, you open the door to growth and opportunity.

Every Monday, come holiday, hell, or high water, we will hold our executive call to keep challenging each other to look at where we are responsible for the change. A successful evolution starts with leadership, and we are the guides to light the way. We are committed to showing gratitude to those who show up and make it about raising the standard for our communities, taking responsibility, and making it a priority to lift others even when it makes us uncomfortable. Taking accountability makes movement and growth happen.

This business does good things for humanity. It moved trillions of dollars, making us responsible for putting people in homes and creating memories and opportunities. Bringing service to others can be fulfilling every day, and we are committed to making the most of the opportunities in front of us.