Makeover The Space Under Your Staircase

Jun 17, 2020 | DIY Projects


We love to upgrade our homes! There are a ton of great ways to improve your kitchen, bathroom, patio, bedroom;  all those great living spaces.  And with the right blend of imagination, mindset, and a little elbow grease, there’s really  no budget too small to spruce up any part of your house.

One feature of your home you may not have considered giving a bold makeover is the section underneath your staircase. For most homes, this area is a sometimes overlooked trapezoid of space that can revamp the first level of your home in a variety of ways with the right attention.

We are going to share just a few of those ways here with hopes that you will take these ideas and run with them and transform your staircase into a showcase.

#1 Make it another living space. –  People often look at the space under the stairs and think about  keeping it closed off and hiding their extra stuff in there like an extra closet, or decorating the front with awesome art! These are also good ideas, and we encourage you to go for it if that’s what speaks to you. But what if we opened it up to make it an office, reading nook, playspace, or even an indoor dog house for fido to stay cozy.

#2 Built-in’s for GORGEOUS storage. – Like we said before, Storage is a good idea! This takes that idea and makes it classy, functional, and versatile to meet your needs. You can build in a bookcase, cabinets, drawers, a desk, a wine rack,  or even a full entertainment center.

# 3 Extend your kitchen. – Who couldn’t use a little more counter space? There are so many ways you can define this space to make it fit your needs, but if your staircase is off the kitchen, consider a bar or coffee station, a space to put your wine cooler, a pantry, shelves for your dishes or cookbooks,  and believe it or not, some people even find ways to put their sink and fridge in that cozy cove!

#4 Create a more functional foyer. – It’s a great place for a hall tree to rest your coat and keys, a bench or baskets to handle your shoes,  a beautiful display area for your guests to see when they arrive at your home,

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We encourage you to  consult professionals to help you transform this area since measurements and requirements can be anything but standard. But the options are limitless to creating a fantastic space under your staircase. If you’re looking for financing options to change or renovate your home, contact us today at (877) 255-3554 or click this link to find a Mortgage Loan Originator near you, we’re here to help!