Making the Right Moves

Mar 3, 2023 | Blog, Mortgage


Everybody who has ever achieved excellence has struggled well. Everything has a price. When things are in a state of agitation or change, how do we work to be better today, and focus on the bigger picture? At the end of the day, connection means everything. We engage in the struggle without trying to avoid it, and find solutions by being open to shifting dynamics within our organization and within ourselves. We can not empower others by operating with a same as it ever was methodology.

We stay open to the inevitable changes in the markets and our global communities, and work together to innovate and lead through them with conscious leadership and a solid culture.

Don’t confuse your talents for your skills.

Within the same company, and the same process, different people respond well to different people. And so bringing people with different natural God-given talents, and equal determination to build their skills and sharpen their abilities, and you will have created an organization that can serve countless others and rise above the industry shifts.

When we are looking for the best fit employee, we are seeking a strong culturefit who buys into what we’re doing, and has innate talents to be the playmaker finding solutions and caring for our partners and consumers.

A good professional is not a salesperson. it’s about the relationship, it’s all about solutions. People dont write you off if you make a mistake. They are looking for a resolution, for a call back, for honest and clear communication even if the answer is not what they want to hear, stay in the light.

Consumers need to see we are the Good Guys

EMP has the opportunity to lead the way because we are funding the loans and businesses out there- offering diversification and new ways to provide opportunities to consumers who may not have qualified elsewhere.  We don’t just take the easy consumer. Which means we will face inevitable failures and mistakes and bumps in the road.

A huge failure is trying to cover up or deny the mistakes that are bound to happen. This is a human arena, and shit happens, but the lines of communication have to stay open. Going dark is worse than flipping somebody the bird. It may be the average person’s instinct as they go into crisis mode, but the person on the other end of that relationship feels written off and deceived.

We are showing consideration of the human beings on the other side of the transaction by being transparent and managing conflict together. We have brought in team members that can work together to adjust perspective and build foresight, conflict management, and creative solutions, so we can work through each misstep and create trust and satisfaction. And we ultimately can better serve the next consumer down the line.

Creating an inclusive organization to empower more homeowners

To expand homeownership and strengthen our country and communities, we have to address all walks of life and find opportunities to make homeownership accessible. While there are turns in the industry and economy, that becomes an opportunity to capitalize on how it could potentially create new gateways to homeownership that hadn’t been the central focus before. There is opportunity in every challenge, we must respond with conscious leadership.

This industry always has about 15 year leadership stretch, and we are in the midst of a changing of the guard as the old guard retires and focus and priorities change with the demands of the environment. The leadership today is responsible for where this industry is going. We pour into our teams and make sacrifices so that we can guide others through the discomfort and complications that arise.

The responsibility sits on the shoulders of conscious leaders to understand and question our own actions and intentions,  find transparent ways to raise awareness, and occasionally agree to disagree with the intention of understanding where others are coming from, and honoring our differences. This is how we empower our teams, our communities, and our nation of homeowners.