Making your House a Home for the Holidays

Nov 11, 2020 | Home Decor


Owning your own house is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You’ve set a goal, worked hard to achieve it, and now you’re reaping the rewards. But owning a house and having a home is quite different. A house is just the structure itself. Home is the place you and others love to be.

The holidays are the perfect time to transform your house into a home. We tend to think this means we need to run out to the nearest Hobby Lobby and buy all the things.

Let us offer a different approach. This is 2020, and we all could use a reset, and get back to basics of bringing joy back into the season. Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

First, think about the things that made the holidays memorable for you as a child.

What were your favorite traditions when you were growing up? Much of what we love about the holidays can be traced back to childhood memories. Carving into the turkey on Thanksgiving, seeing a train glide along its track under a Christmas tree, or drinking a hot cup of apple cider are all simple things on the surface that can automatically put us in the holiday spirit! So, really think about that one thing that really makes it feel like the most wonderful time of year — And start there.

It’s not about having the prettiest.  most expensive new things. In time, they lose their luster. But the things that felt like home to us as kids, usually still have the same effect on us when we grow up.

Don’t feel like you have to have all the décor immediately.

Instead of spending a ton of time and money getting your entire house decorated all at once, take your time. Buy a few things you love each year. Start with the things that really make the holidays meaningful to you. Then, add in some sparkle and whimsy.

Trying to buy everything at once makes none of it feel special. And then the next year, your tastes and style may have changed. But if you start with something very special that speaks to you, represents family, a special memory, or something you really love, it stays a favorite piece for years to come. There are super simple dollar-store and handmade replacements for the other stuff that you can put out until you have built up your decor, and then toss when the season is over. Focus on what is meaningful, and you can’t go wrong.

Make it a family thing.

Bring your spouse or children, even your closest friends that you’ll be spending quality time with into the decorating process. Ask them what makes the holidays special to them. When it’s time to buy things, make it a family outing. Let everyone pick something to contribute to the decor. There are also tons of gorgeous and simple crafts and DIYs that you can make yourself to make the kind of holiday memories that last. Remember that special ornament or decoration that made Christmas feel special, we can recreate those memories for years to come if we really simplify the process and focus on what kinds of memories we want to make.

Not in the home you love yet? There’s still time to get into one before the holidays are over. Contact us today!