Our Favorite Must-Reads for Homeowners

Jan 20, 2021 | Mortgage


Whether you’re preparing to own your first home or settling into the house of your dreams, you’ll want to equip yourself with lots of resources to help you along your way. We’ve compiled a list of great reads  that will help you tackle any challenges you may face as a new homeowner.

100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know – The Editors of the Family Handyman

These handy-masters have put together a comprehensive guide to homeownership. This book features over 300 step by step home repairs and projects. The goal of this book is to give you the information and preparation you need to remodel and maintain your home while saving you money.

A Guide to Organizing and Realizing your House Goals – The Home Edit

This pick landed on our list because creating a home atmosphere you love and enjoy is just as important for homeowners as knowing how to fix things that break. Plus, this one is such a fun read, filled with beautiful pictures. You’ll feel more like you’re talking to a friend than reading a self-help book. The authors walk you through how to pare down your belongings then organize them in a beautiful way that will make your home look and feel better than ever.

The First-Time Homeowners Survival Guide – Sid Davis

The benefit for this book is right in the title- it’s truly a survival guide for homeowners. Anyone who has purchased their own home will tell you that there can be many surprises awaiting you once you sign on the dotted line. This book helps you prepare for the unexpected scenarios that a homeowner might face. The author covers everything from how to fix various household items- to the ins and outs of property taxes. This is definitely a good book to have on hand to reference anytime you have a house related question.

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House – Cheryl Mendelson

Home Comforts is the perfect book for a new homeowner who is eager to make their house into a home. This beautifully written, good-humored book gives you practical tips to simplify things like home cooking  and removing household stains. The author offers creative solutions to organization and housekeeping, while helping you manage everyday chores and make your home everything you want it to be.

Do it Yourself Magazine – Better Homes and Gardens

Our last suggestion, while not a book, is a read that will give you new inspirations throughout the year. Each issue of Do it Yourself Magazine is packed with design and decorating tips you’ll love. This fun magazine offers design guides and templates along with tons of makeover ideas for old cabinets and other things throughout your home.

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