Personal Development as Professional Development in the Workplace

Jan 31, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


For executive leadership, running an organization takes a set of skills that puts just as much value- if not more- on emotional intelligence as it does any sort of IQ metrics. There was a time when building EQ was not built into leadership, branding, and building out an organization’s mission and vision. It was all about working hard, hustling, and finding ways to undercut your competition.

That doesn’t fly today. Not only will it harm your brand, but the people who make up your organization aren’t buying into that hustle culture anymore. People want to work for organizations that build meaningful relationships and organizations that affect change. They want to work for people who see their value and acknowledge and appreciate it.

The great news for people in positions of leadership that hasn’t mastered this is that while IQ is pretty much static, EQ is a set of learnable competencies that can grow and change with training, coaching, and prioritizing it within our company culture.

The Benefits of Providing Personal Development Opportunities in the Workplace

Prioritizing soft skills and personal development within our organization helps accomplish things we may have been held back from before. The goal of self-improvement and personal development is learning to productively and positively manage ourselves, manage our relationships with others, and reap the natural successes and benefits that come from that.

Building opportunities within our organization to have our team working on their emotional intelligence and ability to collaborate is built into our growth strategy. We provide opportunities for our employees to read more, connect with thought leaders, receive coaching, and have candid conversations. This not only boosts performance but provides a culture where people are willing to learn from each other, willing to grow and collaborate, and willing to show their own leadership, productivity, profitability,

Personal Development is a Non-Negotiable for a Healthy Culture

While technical skills are key to business success, soft skills like discipline, drive, and empathy helps us reach a point of serving others well- which is the pinnacle of our organization. We work on ourselves every day just to get 1% better. We set goals and have opportunities to build awareness of our strengths, limitations, and needs; awareness of emotions and the emotions of others at the moment, and we work to strengthen the ability to manage those emotions appropriately and manage and improve our relationships with colleagues, clients, and people involved with your organization.

Personal development helps us build a culture where we are not only recruiting and training the kind of employees that take our mission and vision to the next level, but we also have the ability to retain them during this historic time of mass resignation across the world because they are working within a business culture that values them and pushes them to better themselves.

Taking the Lead on Self Improvement

It all starts with leadership. When your organization has an executive leadership team that doesn’t prioritize personal development, the development of soft skills, and emotional intelligence, they become micromanagers because there is no culture of trust within the organization. These leaders tend to keep things to themselves- including the positive things going on. That is frankly a formula for disaster, and it’s impossible to keep talented, motivated, and loyal people within your organization when you haven’t developed a leadership mindset that is not only resilient to but embraces the shifts taking place across all industries today.

Great leadership is leading up. Serving those you lead starts with lighting the path forward. When we start with ourselves and stay consistent, we are showing the path to success and lighting that fire of encouragement to the future leaders we’re developing.