Playing the Long Game in the Housing Industry

Jul 18, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


Life is a leadership culture acted out in different ways. Those who thrive are those that can set goals and live a mission vision that reaches for those goals in every aspect of our lives. When the housing industry and the markets are changing in good or bad ways, we must remember that— though we can’t control it— we can control our response, strengthen our resolve and foundation from the inside, and accept the struggle as a natural part of the journey.

If we are lucky, we’re smart enough to plan ahead and avoid some pain, but never all of it. That’s a part of life, but it’s also a part of success. What did we learn from the struggle? How did we make changes to withstand the next storm? Did we stay true to the mission and vision? Because if we do, there isn’t anything that will ultimately stop us from meeting our big picture goals.  We may need to change and adapt along the way, but the destination remains the same, and the opportunities are there for those with the tenacity, integrity, and resilience to focus on the big picture.

Grow and Empower Ourselves and Others

EPM focuses on personal and professional development and interactive-collaborative experiences. Our vision for the future means there is a lot of unlearning to relearn— for example, looking at competitors as collaborators. We are our own biggest competitors. So we shift our mindset to how we can unite to empower our industry and communities.

There is no secret sauce, but the fact remains that not every organization is ready or willing to do what it takes to prioritize creativity and imagination, evolving knowledge, growing, learning, and unlearning. Great leaders collaborate with people who share a common vision and can help shift it into the future to better serve people. This helps us unveil newer technology, media, and better practices sooner so that we have a foundation that can withstand what others cannot.

The future of business is about coming together. We represent the backbone of the American economy. American capitalism is different because laws anti-trust laws were put in place, so consumers are driving success, not corporations. it makes sense to work together to strengthen the foundations of our organizations and institutions, collaborating to find and create opportunities, share success, and grow stronger and better together.

Don’t Settle for Mediocrity 

Jeff Bezos created Amazon during the internet boom in the 90s and was one of the only web companies that survived and thrived. It was his ability to think ahead, look at the bigger picture, and want something more than what was already providing him personal success. He had big, grandiose ideas. And he could envision what people need the most and develop novel ways to meet those needs. You don’t need to be a genius in your industry; you need to always be working on that mindset and leveling up— believing anything is possible and not letting struggle, or the lack of vision in others, detract from your mission.

Looking ahead, we will double down on what has brought us success at EPM; embracing new ideas, appreciating and taking action when our opportunities present themselves— and having the flexibility to show ourselves grace and shift the course when we miss the mark—  and most importantly, always looking for new ways to empower people more.