Practicing Gratitude as a Tool for Success

Nov 17, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude. It’s a small daily practice that has significant personal and professional benefits. When people receive and show gratitude, there are measurable long-term happiness and satisfaction boosts. Gratitude helps us let our guard down and connect so our interpersonal relationships are stronger and more resilient. And adopting this mindfulness practice, we’re more likely to appreciate what we already have and the good that will come with new opportunities.

What Gratitude does for EPM

EPM promotes essential mindset shifts that improve our emotional intelligence and help us all become better leaders and more empowered daily. Showing gratitude is not only good for your soul and your spirit, but it has a powerful effect on your physical health too. Gratitude lowers stress levels and blood pressure and builds up brain chemicals that contribute to our resilience.

Gratitude improves our ability to achieve success. It helps us have a positive attitude and pushes us forward to be resilient through change, struggle, and disappointments. Gratitude contributes to a mentality that drives us forward. When we flex this tool as often as possible, we’re not just facing but embracing our mistakes and setbacks, and we can shift our attitude and mindset. You should flex that tool as much as you can.

The people of EPM are one of a kind. They’re fun and open-hearted, charitable, and here to serve others. If we fail to show gratitude as an organization, we risk the chances of the valuable players not feeling seen. Our leaders are responsible for recognizing their daily contributions that stack up to the more significant successes, making us more robust, optimistic, unified, and able to bring out the best of the organization. Gratitude goes a long way in sustaining those efforts.

Gratitude and Leadership

Gratitude helps us all lead better, whether that refers to business, as a parent, spouse, friend, or in our life. It gives us a healthy perspective to walk through life, and we can better solve problems, strengthen connections, build empathy, and strengthen our foundation.

It’s important to cherish what you have and focus daily on what you’re grateful for. Even the challenges we face can turn out to be a gift. Approach building a gratitude habit that can positively drive business and leadership like you address physical fitness. To achieve benefits, you have to find a way to commit to it every day. No one-and-done exercise will make you healthier and stronger. But even shorter,  low-impact activities for a few minutes a day can be transformative. The same goes for building gratitude. Find a way to practice it regularly; eventually, it will become part of your routine, and the positive results will start to show.

Above all, we must model it if we want others to recognize the benefits. I’m grateful for those who speak courageously and come together to help our organization stand out as an innovative industry leader. EPM has benefitted in innumerable ways from the strength and character of the people we get to lead every day. I am so thankful for that and give our dynamic team much credit for our continued success.