Preview of our 2022 Housing Summit: EPMX

Jan 24, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


In years past, the EPMX acronym stood for Equity Prime Mortgage Exchange. It was meant to be an opportunity to drive connection, collaboration, and vision for the year ahead. It has continued to evolve with the EPM brand. This year will be the first year it has transitioned to Empowering People More Experience.

We are leaning into the growth and maturity of our brand over the past several years. That’s why we are starting with the EPM culture day on Thursday; we want to recognize the people who make what we do every day matter and help make us successful. It’s meant to be the celebration of our organization and acknowledgment of our talent and leadership.

What EPMX 2022 is About

We are beyond excited about our lineup of speakers and entertainment. Still, it’s much more important to celebrate our connection and collaboration with each other. It’s about showing up. I’ve told those who purchased tickets to our sold-out event they’ll hear 50-100 great ideas and stories throughout the experience. We hope they will go back after the weekend with 2 or 3 things that everybody can put into action. There’s going to be a major personal development part to this, and everybody will come back with something different that will propel their vision goals going forward.

This is not just about mortgage- It’s always about lives not loans, so we will be bringing people in from outside of the sector to speak. We want to start with high energy and keep it going. There’s an amazing lineup on board, including competitors and organizations that in the past have not been able to collaborate, but shifts are being made in the way we approach service in this industry. At the end of the day, it’s about making the consumer experience wonderful and putting people in the position to empower themselves.

Using EPMX to Shift our Focus Forward

EPMX is not meant to be exclusive to just those in attendance. We encourage people to document and share it out on social media. We want it to be an inclusive experience, and we want people to share what and when they want to. Our marketing team will have a wrap-up video at the end, but this isn’t intended to be a curated experience. It’s an opportunity to celebrate where we have been and get energized about where we are going as an industry.

Our expectations are exceeded with the dedicated team of mortgage professionals at EPM- when we fuel their passion, positive things will ALWAYS follow. Our people are committed to learning and improving a little bit every day and that is the backbone of our success. It’s about building the habits, the excellence, what we all do together, and how we collaborate to build a better organization. As humans, the only thing we control is our mindset. And this summit is intended to help us embrace what’s possible, and set ourselves up for positive energy and resilience going forward.

Our competitive edge is our human capital and how they rise, the ideas and what people bring each day, and building that camaraderie. I look forward to sharing the highlights from this fantastic weekend ahead!