Put People First

Jun 21, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


Our industry might feel like it’s in a little bit of disarray, but it’s still shaping up to be our 6th greatest year— It simply takes some perspective to look at the opportunities ahead. Yes, it’s a little challenging with margin compression, inflation, and increasing interest rates. But if you’ve been in the industry for a while, you see that there are patterns and waves. We watch what’s happening and make adjustments. This industry has a very boom or bust tradition, so being able to get out ahead of it, and making some wise investments before the slowdown happens safeguards us during the downturns.

Culture and vision drive the mission of the organization— we haven’t had the layoffs other organizations are facing because we’ve learned from previous scenarios, and are able to avoid them. We are transparent about what we’re doing because we want to help our teams see where we stand, and why we make the decisions that we do at the moment.

There’s no secret sauce, we share our culture and vision openly. Our people are what drive the organization, so there’s no reason to hide what we are doing because you can’t replicate our human “resources.” When we think back to our beginnings, it’s about the relationships within that helped us evolve strong. So we just keep doubling down on that practice and getting better every day.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

The EPM experience is about leveraging the mentor-mentee cycle, giving a return on respect, educating our teams,  and helping each person strive for MORE. The organization’s focus on evolution—from a personal and professional standpoint— is what helps us leverage our culture to succeed and find new opportunities around every corner.

It’s also what keeps our relationships strong within our workforce. We haven’t experienced the level of layoffs and resignations that the industry and market on the whole have, and when our people do leave the company—or as we like to call it, graduate—  we are often able to maintain a relationship that we can leverage collaboratively, or even welcome back our valued team members as they venture down other paths and find their way back to EPM.

We are in the people business first, and the human capital is what we measure of the highest value at EPM. Employees often come through our doors expecting EPM to be just a small stepping stone on their journey, and the growth opportunities and experiences we are able to provide on a repeat basis, thanks to our culture, help us transform those transitional relationships into concrete, long term, VIP connections within our EPM team.

There will always be room for growth and error. We will never stop learning and adjusting as we better ourselves. We will always look for new ways to improve the client experience and the employee experience first-  because empowering our people and communities is what we are all about.