Seizing Opportunities In Today’s Market

Mar 20, 2023 | Blog, Mortgage


EPM’s priorities have always been about bringing people together. The shifting market has allowed us to serve our communities and industry with pride, not fear. It’s a journey with ebbs and flows, and there are things to be excited about and infuse energy into that will make sure we can thrive within the current market.

The future of the market has a lot of people scared. But when things are challenging, we also face sour greatest opportunity. It’s all about perspective and mindset. We have the capacity to increase the impact we have on our industry and communities, bring people along with you, and, more importantly, elevate them.

Don’t Let Fear Become an Excuse to Underperform

Recognize the strengths you have within yourself that make you excited about waking up, and the work doesn’t feel like work. If we let fear and doubt take up space, we are doing ourselves a disservice. Good or bad, nothing ever stays the same. There is always a cycle of ebbs and flows, a light at the end of the tunnel, and another opportunity for success. Things may not look like we thought they would. They may take us on a journey we didn’t expect, but that doesn’t diminish the value of the journey or the destination.

Stop making excuses or listening in to the naysayers and the dwellers. Opportunity is about action and vision. We have some challenges that we are facing now, and we will always encounter a variety of struggles and ebbs and flows. But resilience comes from not giving in to excuses and working in overdrive to be prepared when it matters.

Strengthen your Decision-Making Skills Through Action

Thoughtful decision-making can be more difficult when you drag your feet. We get analysis paralysis instead of following our intuition and trusting in our experience and strengths. When you don’t give the fear power, you can take action and include the perspectives of your team without stalling.

Action will sharpen your results in the end. And it will improve your ability to make effective decisions and navigate issues without fear of failure or mistakes becoming a barrier to your achievement. The fear of failure is more dangerous than the failure itself. If you let it paralyze you, nothing happens, and you get stuck in the weeds. If you push beyond the fear and end up failing, you’ve still created an opportunity to learn something valuable that sometimes only experience can teach you.

Capitalize on the Power of the Industry

When the public feels untethered and can’t see the opportunities in the market, we can empower them by providing non-traditional lending opportunities. We start with incorporating structures that will create affordable alternatives for communities who don’t otherwise have access to a typical mortgage and homeownership and then bring in as many opportunities for education and accessibility through the communities as we can.

To improve professionally and personally, focus on positioning yourself with the partnerships and teams that can expand your perspective and mutually invest in relationships that encourage growth. Ask questions, be curious, and always choose courage over caution.

Stay Aligned with Your Vision

Tap into the things that fuel you and help you determine your personal and professional vision. Find ways to impact others powerfully. Simple shifts, swift decisions, and small gestures can do a lot to raise others up and empower people more.