The Best Rise Above

Nov 29, 2021 | Blog, Mortgage


We have seen record and near-record volume in the industry for the past couple of years. This set us up at EPM to be able to focus on what the future of our brand looks like.

EPM is looking toward personal development, technology innovation, and a brand that transcends a brand and affects and improves the daily lives of people in our communities. It’s always been about lives not loans, and I’m excited looking ahead about how we are really looking at EPM not just being about Equity Prime Mortgage, but Empowering People More. We are really looking at broadening our horizons and reaching more people with our brand, mission, and values.

What The Atlanta Braves have to do with EPM

This will be no surprise to anybody who follows me but the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series was a big deal around here. As a big sports fan- to put it lightly- I look at what my favorite teams and players can teach us.  And baseball is a sport that consistently comes through as a metaphor for life and business. If we look at the 2021 Atlanta Braves team, there is definitely a winning formula that led them to clinch the W the way it did.

It was interesting to watch how that team came together this season. Even after the trade deadline, after the pitcher broke his leg the team was still coming together. I thought it was interesting, the way they had the right chemistry to come together to create a winning team. There is a lot to be said about team chemistry, even after injuries and setbacks, how many players had a great season, and how there could have been many MVPs based on stats and performance.

Our executive leadership has worked this year to foster a winning team with EPM. The players on our team have come together, even though the struggle and conflict to rise above and get some amazing things accomplished. Looking at what our plans are for next year, it’s the chemistry of our team and the ability to work together for the greater good that will create success.

Facing Challenges and Raising the Bar for Ourselves.

A big hurdle we face now and will continue to face is our mindset and ability to embrace conflict and come together over our differences. We’re appreciative of how hard everybody works, and how they work together, to face that hurdle and achieve great things, but it’s also something that isn’t going away, and something we will continue to address consistently so we can achieve more and help empower others more.

When we view challenges as an opportunity, try to make things better, and find solutions, we can embrace conflict better because we are not worrying about ourselves, we are working together for the betterment of the whole.

It’s a challenge we continue to face, and something that will never feel easy or natural for some. but witnessing the teamwork together to find solutions and embracing discomfort, struggle, and conflict for the greater good of the team shows us the resilience and strength we have going forward as an organization.

Supporting the Team Going Forward

In 2021 we are looking at exceeding what we did last year, so that’s a huge testament to how the team came together this year to collaborate, unify, and work on personal development.

For new hires, we will provide learning development and resources to support the growth and strength of the soft skills behind our success. It’s not an easy road, and to have the high expectation of the EPM team to struggle well,  and put things aside for the purpose of a unified team is a big ask. We are proud of the way so many in our organization have risen above, and it’s on us as leaders to continue to find better ways to support and openly appreciate the work that goes into empowering people more every day.