The EPM Story

The EPM story starts back far past 2008 when EPM was first founded. The story has a rich history that ultimately leads us to where we are today – a company that is rooted in the mission of empowering people more through homeownership and providing the American Gift to families across the United States. Eddy Perez’s, EPM’s CEO & President, father was born and raised in Cuba. In 1964, Eddy’s father rowed on a boat for 3 days to escape Cuba and achieve the American Dream. It took determination and bravery to come to America to build a life and his father fought hard to build the life he did for him and his family. Equity Prime Mortgage was started in 2008, and the rest is history.

Watch the full story told by Eddy below.

Libertad es todo

Freedom is everything

EPM four cores


Show the Way

Do The Right Thing, Always.
Practice Blameless Problem-solving.
Demonstrate Empathy.
Treasure, Protect, and Promote EPM.
Show Sincere Appreciation.
Show You Care.
Be Proud Of Our Appearance.


Unify through Collaboration

Share Best Information.
Think Team First.
Choose Positivity.
Listen Generously.
Keep Things Fun.


Struggle Well

Honor Commitments.
Deliver Results.
“Bring It” Every Day.
Deliver Superfan Service.
Get The Details Right.
Mediocrity Is Your Enemy.
Set And Ask For Expectations.


Own Unique

Be Resourceful.
Always Be Evolving.
Speak Courageously.
Continuously Improve Yourself.

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