The Greatest Wealth is Our Health

Oct 4, 2021 | Blog


Health is a big part of my personal life for many reasons and a part of our values within EPM. A couple of years ago, we were not in a great place as far as health at EPM. It affected our health insurance options, and we had to work together to make some big changes. Some major benefits came out of it for our crew, beyond the fact that we were able to keep our insurance.

The True Value of Your Health

The intentional focus on improving our physical and mental health throughout the organization promoted some lasting changes. Prioritizing the health of those you lead is socially responsible. It’s the best way to take care of people. In general, what matters today may not matter 10 years from now. Still, our health will always matter, and it will always trump whatever else is going on.

It can begin as something personal. After my dad passed away, it was a big wake-up call to get my health in order. For others, it takes something else, but there’s often a trigger to help it click into focus.

Doctors will often say that the best pharmacy lives within our own health systems. Our immune system, endocrine system, and cardiovascular systems are set up to protect us. We have to care for them, so they function well.

We all saw that with Covid. Statistically, people with underlying health conditions are far more vulnerable not only to this virus but to illness in general. This is also true of mental health. Stress is a huge indicator of how our bodies respond to outside factors that cause illness. So it’s vital before we are setting our goals for industry success, or financial success, that we turn inward and set goals for our physical and mental health so that when we attain those other things, we can actually enjoy them.

Winning is the Process of Sticking To It

Most of our life isn’t spent winning. It’s about time to prepare for that win. Our brains are wired to avoid discomfort. That means any time your body or mind is exerting itself, we are naturally wired to avoid it.

This problem that we see when we fall short of our business goals also happens when looking at our physical health goals. Somebody says they want to get in shape so they run 5 miles the next day and end up in pain. Their knees are in pain, and they are worse off than when they started. It’s much wiser to begin with ½ a mile and commit to small daily changes.

That’s the investment in yourself. It’s going to take a small amount of time for a long time to get where you want, but that’s how we meet our goals. And that’s how we trick our brains into turning that physical exertion into a relief message instead of a pain message.

The same goes for our eating habits. Focusing on one small change each day until you meet that goal and build on it. It’s not all that different from how I encourage my team to take on any goal. You invest in yourself a little each day, make small changes, and see gains without pain signals encouraging you to stop.

Regiments Mimic Discipline.

A leader must unlock the best in others to make them uncomfortable enough to make a shift by positively challenging them.

When we look at somebody who has achieved fitness, we often see how disciplined they are. And say, “I could never have that kind of discipline.” But it’s not about doing all those things at once; having the 5 am workout, clean eating, supplements, and meditation and reflection. But practicing one thing over and over and over again becomes a habit. As we take on new healthy habits and stick to a regimen every day, suddenly we have discipline.

At the end of the day, the only thing any of us control is our own mindset. If we remember our goals and stick to a game plan, we get there. Practicing mindfulness every day to support mental strengthening makes building our health a more attainable goal.

Your best competitor is yourself 5 years from now. If you’re working on yourself every day, you can build that physical and mental health and build your true wealth into something truly priceless.