The True Purpose of Leadership

Feb 7, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


Great leadership has to be about respect. It’s about showing honor. You’re not claiming the way as your own. It’s not showing people how to do things “My Way .”It’s elevating others and showing them how to find answers for themselves. It’s helping them make the most of their passions and purposes. It’s understanding What they enjoy and thrive at and helping them use that as a launchpad to success.

An authoritarian style of leadership is counterproductive. Giving orders is an outdated leadership technique because we live in a world now where people are looking for jobs that help them impart their values and purpose with action and autonomy. In part, people are leaving jobs at record numbers because they are expected to be passive toward leadership and do as they’re told. Suppose this unbalanced, outdated type of leadership persists. In that case, you end up breaking down the connection with the people you are there to serve, and the needle can’t move forward. There’s nowhere to evolve without leading your people up.

Nobody Cares How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care

Do the right thing and show others that you care and that you are listening. Be willing to have difficult conversations and be uncomfortable while resolving issues because you care and are engaged. It’s about showing respect, honor, and dignity to others. You’re not there to wield power over others, but lift them and empower them, and then work together toward a common goal.

Being part of another person’s success is a great feeling. Still, you have to give and take, authentically support and celebrate. You are responsible for showing up for others, not hiding behind closed doors meetings and informal emails. You have to share your experiences, your story, and connect to theirs as well.

Mentorship Will Never Go Out of Style

Robert Heinlein wrote, “When one teaches, two learn.” When leaders participate in mentorship- both as a mentor to those they serve, and being on the receiving end from other leaders they look up to, it gives two people a sense of honor, trust, and a lifetime alliance. Those are the relationships that are stronger than steel and sharper than a diamond. And strong relationships are paramount to success in almost any industry.

A great mentor is generally battle-tested, shrewd, but humble and able to take a licking. They’ve been through their fair share of wars, and they came out on top. They could really help the ambitious soul make it on their way. They share their perspective and pass a little piece of their legacy on. They also get to relive the excitement, pain, and glory that comes with starting something new. They get to reignite what makes them passionate about the industry while helping the next generation of leadership thrive.

Leadership and mentorship are a never-ending circle. Nobody is sitting at the top of the mountain, gliding down. If you get there, it’s probably either time to shift and grow or retire. If you’re committed to long-term success and a healthy legacy for your business, leaders, and mentors need their own mentors and coaches too. The important insights and conversations create a voice and vision for the future. They help us continue to evolve, and they help us keep our eye on the ball with the perspective of somebody who is invested in our success.