Tips for Making Your Home a SMART Home

Jul 3, 2019 | Mortgage


Architects are designing new homes as Smart Homes. What does this mean? It means that they are installing devices that make homes more energy-efficient and more secure. Even if you have an older home, there are many of these features that you can install today to get all the benefits of a new, smart home. Installation of these devices can provide the peace of mind you are looking for, or in some cases, even lower your bills. Here are three product families for consideration along with some basic information about installation.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks come with a variety of features. Some of those key features are keyless entry, remote access via app or computer, voice activation or integration with your home’s artificial intelligence devices like Alexa or Google Home. PC Magazine recently released a review of top products. Think about what features are most important to your family such as remote locking if you have children who are the last to leave before heading to school or voice activation for elderly parents who may have difficulty remember passcodes.

Installation is relatively easy, the door locks and handles are the same as traditional ones. Most smart door locks are battery-operated, so be sure to check the batteries regularly. Check out your local hardware store for more information if you need help with door lock installation.

Smart Thermostats

How would like to come home to a warm house in the middle of winter without the astronomical heating bills? Smart thermostats provide that luxury for homeowners. Top Ten Reviews produced a list of recommended products in 2017 that provide similar features to those found in other smart products like voice activation and remote control from apps and other devices. The unique feature in the highest rated products is that it learns your behavioral patterns and adapts accordingly.

Installing a smart thermostat includes replacing the one you currently have in place. Before beginning, be sure to cut all power to the thermostat. Remove the faceplate. Wires held together by wire nuts may not be compatible for your home, please consult a professional. Otherwise, following the directions on the installation guide. Be sure to download the app that connects to your device.

Smart Home Surveillance

Monitoring our internal and external environments is important for keeping our family safe. CNET produced a top ten review of video cameras ranging in features from a video doorbell to baby monitors. There is a wide range in pricing but again like the other products remote access is the key feature.

Before you setup your surveillance device, determine the best location. Depending on whether you device is battery or hardwired for electricity could determine the placement. Whether it is outside over an entryway or in a child’s room, be sure that it is out of the sun, has proper ventilation and away from heating elements like a space heater or heating vent. Next, download the app for your device and sync it with your  personal device. It’s that easy.

Whether you are trying to make your home more energy-efficient or safer for your family, Smart Homes are changing how we think about incorporating technology into our everyday lives. With just a simple setup, you can control many of the features of our home. Smart Home technology is great for everyday use. It is especially useful if you have elderly parents who may need additional assistance or younger children. You can control entry to the home for them, ensure all doors are locked, monitor who is entering the house and even provide the warmth or cooling of the home with the touch of a button.

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