We Are Evolving Our Brand With the Future of the Industry in Mind

May 12, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


We’re experiencing some interesting times in the homeowner industry, but I think the organization is in a great position to take advantage and thrive. We are shifting forward with a sleeker more modern brand look and logo launching in June, strengthening our foundation, and building an organization that has its own ecosystem. Approaching the vision of EPM with a forward-looking mentality, we are taking advantage of the opportunities to help us reach and surpass our goals.

Bolstering our Strong Foundation

Leading from bottom-up philosophy means we have to start with a strong leadership foundation. To reinforce that foundation, we’re building our leadership team with people who will fortify our mission and vision— leading with our values and helping the organization to thrive as we move forward. This team of leaders includes Chief Investment Officer, Charles Coletta; Chief Growth Officer, Laura Brandao; Chief Strategy Officer, Roman Vega; Chief People Officer, Eric Skates; and Chief of Staff, Shalanda Dixon.

This group of dedicated leaders will leverage their combined experience, diverse backgrounds, and unique approach to the same vision to empower and support our people as we grow and evolve.

A Brand On the Forefront

EPM has found much of our success by doing things without being afraid to try new things, listen to new ideas, and fail forward as we execute projects and platforms, analyze the data and performance in relation to our mission, and make necessary adjustments.

We look at things horizontally, not just vertically; including the diversification of products and tweaking and shifting our skills flexibly. And we have built the resources to perform when it comes to L and D, forming alliances, and increasing our capabilities.

We aren’t afraid of change, and we prioritize evolution while staying true to our vision and values. Keep your eye on things people say are fads, sometimes they are, and sometimes they change the world for the better. It takes a strong intuition and set of soft skills to be able to know whether it’s worth investing time and money into these endeavors, and it takes a consistent strategy and analytics capacity to make the most of it. Our dedication to Land D and improving 1% every day both professionally and personally is vital to the forward momentum of our organization.

An Organization in our PRIME

54% of America is composed of people born in 1981 or later. EPM’s advantage is that we are a younger company— both demographically and institutionally —than many around us. That gives us flexibility and insights that other companies don’t have access to. We know we are in the right place at the right time to help steer the industry in a direction where we are connected, collaborative and focused on our strengths so that we can ultimately give the best service to our consumers for years to come.