Why “Winning at all Costs”​ Doesn’t Work Anymore

Dec 21, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


The key to happiness is getting 1% better every day. If you’re constantly improving and striving for something better, with the intention behind it to lift other people and help make them better, that selflessness is a powerful driver. Self-improvement is about who you are, not what you do, and focusing on that is what helps create winners in all of us.

What’s Wrong with a Win at All Costs Attitude?

Win at all costs is no longer applicable in leadership anymore. It’s divisive and ends up creating more losses for everybody. You lose trust and respect, which reveals a lack of self-assurance, a lack of principle and leadership skills, and the humanity necessary to truly win.

So what does it mean to be a winner? Those we look at as self-made, the real winners will always tell you that everything great they’ve accomplished came through working with others. Whether through mentorship, kindness, drive, or the willingness of others to give of themselves along the way.

The biggest roadblocks to winning are greed, intolerance, and lack of self-assurance. To gain that assurance, you must work on yourself every day. You must prioritize taking a hard, honest look at yourself and commit to strengthening your assets and understanding and accepting your weaknesses daily.

Winning is About Knowing Yourself and Others

Preparation is the key to self-assurance. It’s the key to facing anything with confidence.

Hang up your ego – which is based on insecurity- and step into your confidence with the knowledge that you’ve empowered and shone a light on the value of others.

Coach Phill Jackson set the greats up for success and holds the title for 11 NBA Championships. He led the greatest teams in basketball, from Michael Jordan to Kobe, to Shaq, and gave them the tools to be the greats. Organizer and mastermind behind the greatest lineups in NBA history.

Focus on your strengths, and your weaknesses will be easier to address. They’ll either become tiny flecks in the rearview mirror, or you’ll accept them as vulnerabilities and create a way to find solutions. It’s a true leader who dares to bring other people in to fill those needs they lack so the team can perform to its most extraordinary capability.

Winning is a formula, a belief, a desire, determination, and above all, it’s the belief that you have everything and everybody with you that you need to get it done. It starts with the belief that it can be done, and they will never stop working on it.

Bring Great People to the Table and Get Out of Their Way

Winning is about purposefully and intentionally showing respect and appreciation to others. People want to work with others who are authentic and who want to lift others. Winning believes you can get the best out of others to unleash their best version for their benefit, not yours. When we focus on others’ wins, it leads to our own. When we bring others to the table and make tough decisions for the benefit of others, we create success that out-measures anything we could achieve on our own and at the expense of others.