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About EPM

Learn about what Makes EPM Different

About EPM

Let EPM assist you in finding the best loan solution for your needs

EPM is a licensed mortgage lender with operations extending across the country. We provide a variety of mortgage products to assist you with finding solutions for all of your mortgage needs. Our company has Certified Underwriters on staff which allows issuing a decision on your application quickly. We maintain a dedicated professional sales and operations staff that insures the closing process is quick and efficient.

At EPM, our management team has over 50 years experience in the mortgage industry. We provide exceptional pricing without compromising follow through and customer service for thousands of clients annually. The Mortgage Bankers Association monitors all members to assure they provide the best mortgage solutions to fit each customer’s unique financial situation.

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Our vision is to continue to offer top financial service, communication and assistance to the communities we serve.


EPM’s mission is
Empowering People More.

“EPM is committed to family and nothing brings a family together more than their home.”

Eddy Perez

CEO & Founder

Why choose EPM?

Become a Buyer

Become a buyer with our upfront credit approval

Give yourself the advantage over competing bids. Harness the power to negotiate with the seller. Save time by looking at properties you know you can afford.

Government Approved Direct Lender

Government Approved Direct Lender

Work with a safe FHA Direct Endorsement Lender. Deal with the decision maker; we approve and fund your loan. Our personal approach means all your questions are answered.

Choose from Multiple Loan Products

Choose from Multiple Loan Products

Choose the loan that best suits your needs. Get the best mortgage rates available to you on your loan. FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo, Reverse Mortgage loans and more!

How is EPM Different?

EPM is a direct lender with offices around the country that are dedicated to bringing you access to the most diverse array of home lending products available in the industry.

Unlike many lenders, EPM is not limited to working with only one type of borrower which means that people of all financial and credit profiles receive the same impressive cost-saving benefits.

Can EPM Help Me?

Absolutely! EPM assists our clients using a diverse group of mortgage products that cover a wide spectrum of financial and credit situations, including direct lending. What’s more, our generous satisfaction guarantees apply to every borrower, not just the prime credit consumer. Also, consider this, there is no cost or obligation to apply for a loan or get a custom loan search.

What is the Personal Loan Center?

Once you complete a custom loan search via our Personal Loan Center it allows us to create a user name and password for you. We then save your search results in an on-line resource center. You can then access your personalized loan center information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, once you have decided EPM will help accomplish your financial objectives.