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Keep Up with the Market

When rates are on an upward trend, getting mortgages processed and rates locked is essential. Although homeowners may not be refinancing to lower...

Answering Potential Borrower Questions

When your business is booming, it can be hard to take time from serving your current borrowers to help tire kickers and those curious about why they...

Is Coworking Right for You?

Sometimes, it can be nice to meet your clients at a Starbucks. Typically, you’ve done a lot of your work on the phone or Zoom, but getting out to a...

Is the Starter Home a Distant Memory?

With home prices rising to all-time highs, pricing rather than rate seems to be what keeps some potential buyers out of the market. But rents are...

Improve Your Ergonomics

Using tablets, mobile phones, and laptops makes it easy to work no matter where you are, but you could be setting yourself up for neck pain, back...