Check out these Beneficial and Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Aug 5, 2020 | Home Decor


Bringing nature indoors not only looks great in your home, but there are research-backed benefits for people who keep plants inside their living spaces. Not everybody has a green thumb though, so we are sharing some of the great benefits you can receive from plants and listing some specific plants that are nearly impossible to kill accidentally.

Bring on the Health Benefits

Indoor air pollution can be the culprit of allergies, respiratory issues, and all-around lethargy. These can come from the breakdown of everyday things like paint, rubber, plastic vinyl, laminates, electronics… look around- it can be an issue since we are generally indoors much more than outdoors every day.

Did you know indoor plants can purify the air and help relieve these symptoms? There are plants that can filter all kinds of indoor toxins and protect our breathing.

Plants are a common part of the indoor decor -fake or real- because they look good. But studies show they can actually make you feel good. Better yet seeing and touching real indoor plants can release calming chemicals in your brain and help improve work performance, teamwork, and overall sense of wellbeing. Bring on the plants!

Popular Hearty Indoor Filtering Plants for those with a “Brown Thumb”:

Snake Plant

Spider Plant




Ficus (specifically Rubber Plant)

Small Palms

Peace Lily


Weeping Fig


Scientists recommend between 15 and 18 air-purifying plants in an 1800-square-foot home. And wipe the leaves down with a cloth every week or so to ensure the plants can effectively purify the air indoors. Take some time to look up the kinds of plants that would fare better in your bathroom (moisture absorbing), or those that thrive in darker windowless environments, and those that would improve the amount of restful sleep you get in your bedroom. Play with height and size and spread them around your home to make it look great and make you feel well.

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