Easy At-Home Design with Natural Rope Decor

Apr 22, 2020 | DIY Projects


One of the best ways you can keep your mind healthy and your emotions in check is by tapping into your creative side and working with your hands. We have some great ideas to help you do both with some natural fiber rope and a glue gun.

If your personal style is Rustic, Nautical, Bohemian, Farmhouse, or an eclectic mix of these, we have some fun projects that go from basic to complex depending on your available time, patience, and skill level.

You can get natural fiber rope at any home improvement retailer. Shop local or order online from places like Lowes or Home Depot. You can choose from Manila, Sisal, Coir, Hemp, Cotton, Jute, or Flax based on the strength or softness you want in a fiber.

We’ve included some ideas to get you started, and pictures so you can customize them any way you want.


You will need natural fiber rope, an x-acto knife, a hot glue gun, and a round container to use as a template. This can be as small as a vase or as large as a laundry basket. You can always add fun decorative items like pom poms, ribbon, tassels, buttons, or stones.

Some people even like to thread contrasting embroidery floss through the basket-weave in fun designs to make it their own, but at the basic level of this project, you can just bend and twirl  the rope in different directions and use it as its own decoration.

Cover the container with wax paper so it easily slides out once you are ready for the basket to stand on its own. Just start at one end and roll it around until the base is the same size and the base of a. container. Continue to wrap the rope around on top of itself as you reach your desired height.You can use thicker, more durable rope like sisal if you want to make planters in the same way. If you are making a large basket, you can adhere felt or cloth to the outside of the laundry basket and when the project is done, you can flip it back over to the inside and use it as a basket liner. Natural fiber rope really adds a fun dimension inside or outside your home.

Circle Rug

This is a project that is fairly easy whether you do the basic roll pattern, or add some dimension and design by changing the pattern of your rope.  ¾ inch twisted sisal is best if you have a high traffic area, otherwise any natural fiber is fine. If you want it to have a little color and flair, you can even go with colored acrylic rope.

Follow similar steps from the  basket project, but on a flat surface. Use an x-acto knife to cut the rope and blend more seamlessly with the next strand. When your design is finished, fip the rug over and you can use spray adhesive and

Want to scale this project down for the kids, or have a limited amount of rope? On a smaller level these could be used as photo frames, coasters, or trivets.

The options for all of these fun projects are only limited to your budget and imagination.

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