EPM Building with Trust and Transparency with Better Communication

Aug 29, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


Everything we do is about strengthening our relationship with our customers, partners, and community. Building better trust and inclusion from within is something we consistently address and evolve so we can strengthen the foundations of those relationships.

Building trust only happens through action. Trust is earned just like respect. It won’t be granted to leaders just because they hold a certain position. Our executive team is working to improve and integrate transparency wherever we can because the ability to share the valuable information that propels us forward comes from a culture of trust and transparency on both sides.

EPM is rolling out and addressing many moving parts every day, so it can be difficult for employees to see where their input is received and where their suggestions and feedback is landing. The responsibility sits squarely on leadership to refine and change our operations so that clarity comes through. Our growth and evolution can only operate smoothly by including the perspectives of team members who share our collective vision.

Lighting the Path as We Navigate it

Instead of showing our finished product —and/or asking for faith and patience while we are preparing to roll out new objectives and initiatives—to build the buy-in we need for a healthy culture, we have to go back to our teams and get clear about where we are now and what steps we are taking to get tour goals.

We don’t just owe our people transparency about what we’ve done and why we’re doing it; we also must increase clarity about where we are in each step of the process with real transparency about what that looks like as its being built, initiated, or revamped at the drawing board.

Lighting the way has to start at the beginning of the journey and shine all the way down the pathway, or our teams will feel left in the dark. When we’re lacking in areas, we can shine a light on the changes we have made to refine our processes and serve better. And we can express grace and gratitude for the people and ideas that shape those changes.

Increasing Satisfaction in the Day-to-Day Operations

The work is more gratifying when we have something to look forward to. Leaders have to get really transparent about where we are in the process so people can have the satisfaction of experiencing the evolution with us instead of waiting for us to unveil things once they are perfected.

The only way we keep growing and getting better is by sharing candor.

When we see something that can be improved or could leave the organization vulnerable, it’s important that the executive teams are leading up, encouraging candor, and making it effortless for our teams to share their perspectives and recognize that they are heard. Everything works until it doesn’t, and we cannot afford to operate with a business-as-usual mindset. Every voice and perspective is important and worthy of being threaded into how we operate and evolve.

Communication with our Mission and Vision in Mind

From supporting new hires in the onboarding process— to engaging team members who have been here through many iterations of our evolution, we must keep improving our culture and promoting buy-in to our larger vision. This enables us to get better personally and professionally and reach that satisfaction and level-up element important to our overall mission.

When our rollouts don’t go smoothly, there is a lesson learned every time that helps us serve and unite better, more efficiently, and with superior results across the board. We’ve had rollouts where we couldn’t foresee the downsides because we didn’t involve everybody. We become more reactive to our problem-solving than proactive by seeing the bigger picture in new ways. When we can build a culture of trust, candor, and gratitude through transparency, our teams are supported to expand our evolution and propel our mission forward in remarkable ways.